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My 10 day old baby feeds constantly.....

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Heatherbell1978 Mon 01-Sep-14 14:31:58

I've been blessed with a baby who is a good feeder and no issues with breastfeeding since he was born but he rarely feeds for more than 10 mins at a time, less during the day. He either pulls away or falls asleep at the breast and I do everything I can to keep him awake when he's drowsy. I alternate breasts with each feed as it's hard enough to get him to empty one, never mind start on another. I think I'm producing a lot of milk as it leaks from one breast as he feeds on the other. I can get almost 3 hours between feeds at night sometimes (thanks to the Sleepyhead) but during the day it can be hourly at times making doing anything really tricky. Does this get better?

TerrariaMum Mon 01-Sep-14 14:35:52

It gets better. It helps to remember that his stomach is the size of a walnut at this age so it fills and empties faster. Generally, if he has wet and dirty nappies, he is fine.

Planetwaves Mon 01-Sep-14 14:38:39

It does get better but everything you've said is absolutely normal! I produced so much milk I never fed both sides in one session (in fact I could feed several times off one breast before turning to the other, called "block nursing", but this is not usually recommended in the first few weeks when your supply is establishing).

Just hold a muslin to the leaky breast while baby is on the other and go with it. Milk supply doesn't regulate for a few weeks so don't worry about how much you're producing now, as after a while it will settle down - right now the baby is stimulating the milk supply so that it all gets going well. And don't worry about baby falling asleep on the breast, that's what is designed to happen! smile Good luck!

Planetwaves Mon 01-Sep-14 14:40:59

Oh and if you produce a lot of milk and the baby has a strong suck then short feeds are quite normal too - early on my DD could finish a feed in 4 minutes (timed!) and I worried this wasn't long enough, but she managed to put away as much milk in 4/5 minutes as other babies did in 30. It's hugely variable so don't worry! smile

Heatherbell1978 Mon 01-Sep-14 19:08:16

Thanks Planet. He seems healthy and happy and actually put on weight in first few days which mw said was great but at the moment I just feel like everything we do is based around when LO might want to feed again! I'm still not 100% confident bf in public yet so I get really anxious leaving the house with him incase I need to feed him when I'm stuck in the middle of the park or something!

hollie84 Mon 01-Sep-14 21:43:29

Give yourself a break OP, you have a 10 day old baby! Staying in bed/on the sofa and just feeding and resting is all you should be doing at the moment. Feeding in public will come later.

startwig1982 Mon 01-Sep-14 21:49:35

My dd is 11 days old and I'm finding it very similar to you! My mw said that it doesn't matter how long the feeds are as it quality not quantity. Dd feeds for between 10 and 15 minutes at a time and rarely has a feed from the other side. Yet she's thriving and is piling on weight so I guess it's worth it. As I remember with ds, it does get less frequent and easier.

heather1 Mon 01-Sep-14 21:52:14

This normal. I remember days (not in double figures but a few), now in the dim and distant pass, when Dh went to work and I was sat on the sofa and was still there when he got back.
A side table, jug of water and a glass, remote control and your phone are your friends. Maybe also a packet of breast pads to soak up the excess milk.
Enjoy your lovely snugly baby. Feeding in public will come with time.
Maybe think of a smallish local cafe where you could plan a trip to to try out feeding in public for the first time.

lavenderhoney Mon 01-Sep-14 22:03:34

Sounds very normal to me. they can't feed long as they get so tired feeding. They are still adapting to life outside the womb, light, dark, your routine. Which obviously isn't theirs... As they get older and stronger they feed faster and start to get distractedsmile the looking round and still sucking(!) er- excuse me!

I didn't make then swap breasts unless it was uncomfortable or they fell asleep. And I had leaky breasts too- I used to use a cup ( how glam) to let them sip from as well. I quite miss lounging on the sofa watching morse and bf endlesslysmile mine fed at 4 hr intervals which gradually extended, but ds in particular fed a lot AND blw of blended whatever I was having ( mashed with a fork after 6 months when he grabbed a chicken sandwich off me and crammed it into his mouth) up to about 18 and dd was nearly 3, but she still misses it. Ds hates milk now and refuses to believe he bf- he is just 7.

Waffles80 Mon 01-Sep-14 22:47:15

I did my first public feed on a park bench, feeling very self conscious (and uncomfortable - very small baby meant cradle hold hunched over!) Tuck a muslin into your bra strap and park the buggy in front of you. I also used (still use - at 13 weeks my twins are growing well but still v small) a rolled up blanket to prop baby up on. Find out which local cafés have sofas, and even better, which have quieter spaces or booths. Well done and congratulations!

wm3010 Tue 02-Sep-14 14:10:27

Congrats on your baby! I am no expert as dd is only 16 weeks but I felt the same at your stage. I was also worried as she fed for short times, but she has continued like that and gained weight well so now I see it as a positive. She still feeds quite often but usually more like every 2-3 hours not every 30 mins like at the beginning! Once you take the plunge to feed out and about you'll get used to it quickly. Some of my friends use a nursing cover, worth a go if you're nervous.

lavenderhoney Tue 02-Sep-14 17:25:31

A large pashmina will work well, as nursing covers go over your head and cover the baby- I tried one and my dc hated being covered. I wore v loose t shirts/ cardigans and a pashmina. Mothercare has a bf room usually if you have one in your town, you don't have to buy anything. I used to sit in a cafe in the corner with a book and do it.

A friend used to go in public toilets and feed her baby which revolted me- as it didn't seem hygienic and also hogged the loo. and no need, its nothing to be ashamed of. Plus no one can see anything, you are not topless! You need a proper bf bra though.

Heatherbell1978 Wed 03-Sep-14 13:18:43

Thanks all, we actually ventured out yesterday for a few hours (with DH) as we had to register his birth. Cue me having to feed a couple of times. John Lewis has a great parent room so spent a lot of time in there. DH is a lot more relaxed than I am about taking him everywhere, I just feel like I'm constantly thinking about where I would go next when he needs fed or changed. Looking forward to this all becoming second nature....

dennant Fri 05-Sep-14 07:19:56

Umm did you say he is 10 days old, I am sure they have a growth spurt then, so you may fine it settles down in a day or two

lavenderhoney Fri 05-Sep-14 13:29:32

Heather, look on it as practice for having to know where all the loos are for when they get out of nappiessmile and you'll be known in lots of cafes so can chat to friendly staff ( hopeful for you) and your baby will get to know his community and meet lovely people also bf in various haunts like you have been to alreadysmile

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