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Colic, reflux or something else??

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Em1503 Sun 31-Aug-14 19:52:47

Hi my 3 week old DD keeps having a really gurgly tummy either during or after feeding. She's ebf. It obviously causes her discomfort as she cries or looks in pain at the same time as I hear the noises. She also cries every time after a feed, usually with 10 mins of finishing feeding and it lasts anything up to half an hour. I try to wind her during this time.and we sometimes get a burp up but nothing major. Does it sound like she's got colic or reflux to you? I'm not sure of the best way to ease the discomfort for her. She's usually worse during the night time.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 31-Aug-14 22:16:12

It could be normal. What happens if you offer the breast again?

Em1503 Sun 31-Aug-14 23:22:45

Thanks for replying. I'm hoping it is just normal behavior, I'm stressing so much about doing the right thing for her, it's making me feel like a bad mummy as I can't settle her confused I've been offering her the boob each time she's got upset this evening and she's either fed more (as though she's hungry again) or just suckled for a minute until she's fallen asleep. I've just changed her nappy and her belly looks really swollen because she's fed so much. I hate not knowing what to do for the best for her confused

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 31-Aug-14 23:42:28

Cluster feeding I the evening is totally normal and nothing to worry about smile

tiktok Mon 01-Sep-14 07:37:25

I agree. If she is happy with being fed again just do it! Normal for a baby to feed like this. Her tummy is not swollen - just full smile

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