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8mo won't drink much formula

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puntasticusername Sun 31-Aug-14 19:50:00

Hi, I'm looking for advice/tips/reassurance/whatever! Sorry for the length.

My 8mo DS was a bottle refuser. For his first six months, he did not want ANYTHING in his mouth that wasn't me. No bottles, no dummies, nothing. This was ok, as I was luckily able and happy to bf him. But he's now 8mo and I need, for the sake of myself and my whole family, to be able to leave him from time to time (not least to go back to work in six weeks' time). I also need to start taking the citalopram my GP has prescribed for PND (which is certainly at least partly caused by the fact that much as I love my DS, I can never leave him for more than a couple of hours!). This is incompatible with bf. So, bottom line, I really need to stop bf.

Through two months of concerted effort, we have got him to the point where he will drink formula (though it has to be a particular brand, and it has to be the ready made version, not the powdered kind you make up yourself - so he's basically decided to feed in the most expensive way he could possibly devise grin) from a teated beaker, usually without even crying, but he won't ever settle down to drink any decent amount at any time. It's just a couple of sucks and then he can't be bothered any more.

We've been dealing with this by basically fully weaning him quite quickly - for a month or so now he's been on three meals a day, at normal meal times, one morning snack and a bf before bed. I get as much formula into his food as possible (he doesn't mind it this way) - on Weetabix, in porridge, morning snack is some fruit pureed with formula, main meals are often adult food pureed with formula - but we've hung on to the pre-bed bf.

Yesterday, we ditched it. DH did his bath and bed routine, DS was very upset at being denied his bf and only drank a couple of mouthfuls of formula before going to sleep in a huff. He woke twice in the night so my lovely DH went in and offered formula again both times - I think he probably drank 5-6oz overnight in total.

I did bedtime tonight and he wasn't distressed, but again just not interested in the formula - he drank a dozen or so mouthfuls, then was not interested any more - so I gave up and put him to bed, he settled quickly and without much distress.

He has always been 50th centile for weight and (delightfully) chubby. He still is. He is generally perfectly happy and does not seem dehydrated (produces wet nappies, though not nearly as much as when fully bf, cries real tears. He does happily drink water from a teated beaker btw, and we offer it with all meals and snacks). I intend to go and get him weighed tmrw to see where he is since we weaned him (last weigh in was a couple of months ago).

So, if you're still with me, thankyou grin

My basic question is, will my beloved DS be ok if he never settles down to drinking nice big bottles of formula like his much more co operative big brother used to? He's only eight months, quantities of formula are really important until age 1, aren't they?

Ps I have tried him with EBM in a bottle and he doesn't like that either - though it's not an option anymore anyway, due to the medication issues mentioned above.

Help, please, I've already had the thought this evening that he's not drinking formula just to spite me and to stop me taking the medicine that will hopefully make me feel something like a normal person again, and I really really really don't like thinking those sort of thoughts.

hollie84 Sun 31-Aug-14 19:55:24

He needs a minimum of about 500ml until 12 months (17oz I think) - so a few oz here and there plus formula in cereal/food will probably be enough. If he was less than 500ml then he should have a vitamin supplement too.

Once he's totally stopped breastfeeding he will probably start taking more formula - I would try not to worry too much.

puntasticusername Sun 31-Aug-14 20:04:06

Oh yes, I forgot to say that - I do have vitamin drops, I just keep forgetting to actually give them to him. I will try and improve that ie put them in the cupboard in front of the baby cereal...

Thanks for your reply - every single person that doesn't tear out their hair and go NOOOOOO helps me very much!

YawningAndSmiling Sun 31-Aug-14 21:11:36

I went to see a nutritionist as my dd has a dairy allergy and wasn't keen on formula, and she said that if you are giving vitamin drops then the main things you need to be careful about are calcium and iron. she advised trying to include a good source of iron in each meal as well as giving yoghurt, cheese and milk with cereal (dairy free for us of course).

I'm sure your DC is fine but if you want to reassure yourself you could look for lists of sources of iron and calcium and try to include more of them - it's easy enough to do. and I guess give plenty of water too to avoid dehydration.

puntasticusername Mon 01-Sep-14 09:58:06

Oh that makes sense, thanks. Will think about how best to do that. We had a little more success overnight, with him drinking 5-6oz then more this morning, so hopefully there is some light at the end of the tunnel!

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