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Breastfeeding failed in first 24 hours due to pain

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Terramirabilis Sun 31-Aug-14 02:27:29

I had my first dc two days ago and tried to breastfeed but the pain was excruciating. I was just wondering how common this was. We have already switched to formula. Nurses tried to help me but I was having panic attacks before he even started feeding. I suppose I am looking for some reassurance that I didn't do anything wrong.

Justgotosleepnow Sun 31-Aug-14 02:53:41

I found it really painful too and did a lot of damage our first day home.
It was -with hindsight- a bad latch. Plus tongue tie, plus my dd has a high palate.

I think on teeny new babies it's very tricky to get the latch right. And no one tells you it will hurt, so it's a bit of a shocker. Combine that with a strong suck action and ouch confused

You gave it your best go, that's all you can do. Enjoy having your newborn and don't worry about how you feed grinthanksthanksthanks

stinkypants Sun 31-Aug-14 03:01:00

I would think he just wasn't latched in properly. Is absolutely agonising if that is the case.
You could still express to be able to give him breast milk. That might give your nipples chance to heal.

Justgotosleepnow Sun 31-Aug-14 03:16:33

Well yes, if your milk does 'come in' and you want to breastfeed then you could get in a bf expert to help you latch, and use a pump too.

Lactation Consultants are the people you need. About 60 quid for a consultation, but this is waaaay cheaper than formula.
IBLC is the qualification you are looking for, there should be one in your area if you google.

ClearlyMoo Sun 31-Aug-14 03:20:08

I feel your pain literally. Firstly day 2 is early days. Your milk won't have properly come in yet so hang on. Secondly there is help out there, in the form of NCT BF counsellors (regardless of if you are NCT member they will help you), and local BF clinics. Also some MWs are better than ever. Things can improve. My daughter had tongue tie and BF was agony til it was divided at 7 days old, things improved from then. Even if she's had some formula it doesn't mean you can't pop her back on the breast if you want to. However most importantly is your well being - healthy Mum = healthy baby however she is fed, in the long run it makes NO difference, you can't look at a room of adults and tell who was BFd and who was fed a well made healthy substitute can you?! Please seek help if you wish, or continue with formula and relax and enjoy this precious gift of a child without guilt. Sending unmumsnetty hugs. Also remember you're under massive hormonal influences at the moment and so everything will be feeling magnified.

This link might help you find someone that can help you

ClearlyMoo Sun 31-Aug-14 03:21:42

Sorry just realised it's a son not daughter, please read "he" for "she" in paragraph above. X

guaranteedpersonality Sun 31-Aug-14 03:28:10

It actually does really hurt till your nipples harden up which can take a few weeks. It's a bit of a shock, but if you keep slathering on lanisol you do get through it and it is well worth it.

ColdCottage Sun 31-Aug-14 04:23:46

If you still want to try it doesn't have to hurt, everything my DS went on and it hurt I took him off and tried again. Your nipples will be sore and blister and get white bits on (scratch those off, they are dead skin where the milk has been sucked into the cells, it won't hurt to pick them off).

Go to the Baby Cafe, look up online they are a national free support group.

If you are happy with not to bf and to use formula don't worry at all. It is perfectly balanced for your babies needs and your DP can share in Feeding and give you a rest.

If you are not sure you could try mix/combination feeding and/or pump your breast milk. Your baby cafe, midwife or Health visitor should be able to loan you one to try.

Some friends expressed for a month then moved to formula. Others are still expressing (on a hospital grade double pump - reducing pumping time to 15/20 mins) at 5 months.

Good luck with what ever you choose and remember a happy mummy is what is best for baby and what ever you chose they will be perfectly well fed. Take care and give yourself a break - and eat some cake wink

stinkypants Sun 31-Aug-14 06:58:54

Great advice here. Sorry my reply above was very abrupt now I re read it- was laid on my side breastfeeding in bed at the time! ! It is a shock how painful it is especially the first time. I remember wishing they'd give me gas and air!
Agree that a happy mummy and lovely bonding are the important things. Good luck whatever u do.

blacktreaclecat Sun 31-Aug-14 07:03:53

DS couldn't bf so we stopped after a couple of days too. I felt very guilty at the time but now see there was no reason to be. He thrived on formula and is now a very bright healthy 2 year old. Don't beat yourself up, enjoy your beautiful new baby and enjoy being able to hand him to Daddy for a rest.

LST Sun 31-Aug-14 07:41:33

I couldn't bf as I have Ra and this time round started methotrexate about 4 days after giving birth. Don't give yourself a hard time. Both my boys are fine, fit and fabulous smile

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