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Which formula?

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Tiny1 Mon 05-Apr-04 19:04:39

My ds is 14 weeks & I have recently started giving him Hipp Organic. I have since heard that Aptamil is supposedly the closest to breastmilk and one of the easier forulas to digest. I also read somewhere that it contains LCP's (not sure what these are!) which is very important? He seems to be ok on Hipp although he still gets a little coliky & windy from time to time although not half as bad as when he was exclusively breast feeding when he would get really terrible wind and colic. Should I try Aptamil or is there little difference between the formulas?

Clayhead Mon 05-Apr-04 19:14:52

Tiny1, I don't know anything about formula but do you think the colic could be a bit of a red herring since it usually eases up at around the 3 month mark IME so you switched when it would have started to subside anyway?

TheCODfather Mon 05-Apr-04 19:16:28

I dont think it would make adifference. LCP are fatty acids that are supposed to aid brain development

ds1 had that after bf and ds2 was bottle fed and had sma as it was stocked at out local shop!!

Knew it would be handy in emergencies!

kiwisbird Mon 05-Apr-04 19:20:57

I don't have it within me to recommend a formula, but when I had to give dd some (she was fully bf to 15 mths) as I was caught away fom home and DH had to offer her something, she puked so violently on aptimil that is went through two doorways.
Now dd is 17 mths and ahs to stay on follow on milk for extra calories for weight gain issues, the only one she even tolerates is hipp organic

mears Mon 05-Apr-04 19:25:34

Tiny1 - there is no one formula closer to breastmilk than another. LCP's (long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids) have been shown to improve neurological development and other formulas contain them as well as Aptamil. However, all formulas have to comply with government requirements for nutritional content. HIPP is fairly new but complies as far as regulations regarding formula are concerned. All formulas will say they have something that makes them close to breastmilk but none of them are that close at all. If you are happy with HIPP then stick with it.

mears Mon 05-Apr-04 19:27:01

Colic does tend to resolve at this age as posted earlier. The best milk is breastmilk

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