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which electric breast pump?

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Hallloumi Wed 27-Aug-14 22:24:31

Would be grateful for advice. DD is now 7 months and I have got this far without a pump. However I'm going back to work part time and plan to continue BF at night and hopefully days I'm at home. (because I like it and am lazy and hate making up bottles). As the days I will work are long (will be out for up to 13 hours) I think I'l need to pump. Baby takes bottles of formula which I'm happy with the pumping is more for my comfort/keep supply up. I won't have a lot of time at work to do it and have never managed to get anything much with a manual so I am prepared to buy an electric pump.


PenguinsIsSleepDeprived Wed 27-Aug-14 22:48:35

How soon are going back?

I love my Ameda. But I think the company has changed hands.

do Google open amd closed systems if buying second hand.

leedy Wed 27-Aug-14 22:53:05

I have an Ardo Calypso and it's brilliant. Also closed system so you could possibly buy one second hand.

SaggyAndLucy Thu 28-Aug-14 01:08:12

i expressed everything dd2 ate for her first 20 weeks. I second the Ardo Calypso.
I also have a Medela Swing. I strongly recommend them too.

flymo79 Thu 28-Aug-14 02:06:28

Have been using my Philips avent comfort for a week, it's really comfortable and does a good job, easy to clean too smile

TheGirlAtTheRockShow Thu 28-Aug-14 07:53:57

I have medela freestyle. Love it, but it is pricey as it's a double.

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