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Questions about expressed bottle feeds - help!

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Flingmoo Tue 26-Aug-14 18:28:38

Hi all, I feel like a pro at breastfeeding now but a total novice when it comes to understanding bottle feeing. DS is 12 weeks old. Have only ever given the occasional bottle of expressed BM. Got a few questions:

1. Can I freeze expressed BM directly in the Avent bottles, rather than faff ing with milk bags etc? Teat on or off?

2. When we give him the bottle, if he only has some of the warmed bottle, can I save the rest for later? Presumably I wouldn't be able to reheat it again but if it's been left to go to room temperature? Would I just stick a fresh teat on the bottle? Or should I avoid this altogether and just divide up the milk I express into several smaller bottles in the first place and just use one at a time?

3. Anyone else tried giving a top-up bottle of expressed breast milk in the evening/night, to tank baby up (for want of a better expression) before bed in the hope that he'll sleep longer? How much to give? What time - 7pm bedtime or 10pm dream feed? I read someone suggesting this somewhere as milk supplies are lower in the evening. However it seems to go against the supposed benefits of magical sleep-inducing properties of evening breastmilk...

4. Any tips on positioning for bottle feeding? DH always sticks the bottle in vertically which doesn't seem right to me! I thought a 45ish degree angle would make more sense... While cradling the baby as with BFing. Sorry I probably sound like a total fool blush

Any help appreciated.

Imeg Thu 28-Aug-14 08:24:56

I only really used bottles for convenience out and about but I know that the answer to 2 is no - if they have drunk from the bottle it has to go in the bin as bacteria from the mouth could have got into it.
Mine would take it cold from the fridge so as far as I know you don't have to warm it up if you don't want to.
I think 4 is probably a matter of trial and error to see what suits you and your baby? After a period of refusing bottles altogether mine will now only take it when in his bouncy chair - doesn't like being held.

Philippalc Thu 28-Aug-14 11:49:18

Hi there, you may find this link helpful Tips to Bottle Feed a Breastfed Baby and there is a link to Kellymom's storage guidelines in the further reading. Also for fabulous information on all sleeping issues with a breastfed baby this new book Sweet Sleep has loads of answers.

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