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Bottle refusing baby and returning to work

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BonnetDeDouche Mon 25-Aug-14 23:17:04

DD is 5 months, is EBF and had up until last week been occasionally taking expressed milk in a bottle no problem. Last week I did an early shift as a one off and after taking half of her first bottle of the day from DH, she then refused any further feeds for the next 8 hours. We've been trying daily for the past week to bottle feed with no success. I return to work next month and although I won't be full time, I'll be working shifts including overnight (she still feeds at least twice through the night) so we need to get this resolved by then. DH bringing her to work to be fed isn't an option as we also have a 2 year old and no one to leave him with. Plus this would be fairly disruptive to everyone when I'm working late/night shifts. So any ideas as to how we can encourage her to eat when I'm working? Thanks.

I cracked it when DS was very hungry and it was late at night, lots of breastmilk smeared on teat and he finally took it but it took a number of bottles to find one that he liked. I think it was NUK. Keep trying it'll happen.

leedy Tue 26-Aug-14 22:14:00

Could you try a cup? DS2 refused bottles but got the hang of a Doidy cup pretty quickly around 4.5 months and moved on to a Nuk soft spout sippy "trainer cup".

BonnetDeDouche Wed 27-Aug-14 11:31:16

We've tried a couple of different teats with no luck. Will have to give a cup a try. I'm wondering now if it's the temperature I'm not getting right?

TheBeanpole Wed 27-Aug-14 18:40:04

We haven't managed to crack it so she just doesn't have anything in the day. She's a bit older though at nearly 8 months.

Have tried a billion different cups etc. She did take a bottle a couple of weeks before I went back but has apparently decided she likes it from the source- she will take a sip or 2 from DP, looks confused and pushes it away.

We're making sure to offer lots of water, which she loves, make bm porridge and give dairy snacks (she eats well) - although you won't have weaned yet presumably you will by then?

She is VERY cross if I am late home for any reason. But otherwise seems fine on it.

We did speak to a BF counsellor who said just to keep offering, but some babies won't and just catch up when they are with you and to keep demand feeding the rest of the time.

SocksRock Wed 27-Aug-14 18:45:42

I had to go back to work with a bottle refuser. She cracked after 2 days. I had very sore boobs... But it worked out in the end. Sorry to hear its hard, lots of luck...

BonnetDeDouche Fri 29-Aug-14 19:41:43

Thanks for your responses.

She's not quite got her head control down and is showing no interest in food so doubt she'll be ready for weaning by next month. It's the nights I'm most worried about. DH will be feeling a bit helpless if she's up and hungry.

Will keep persisting with the bottle and cup. It's just so frustrating that she was taking a bottle without hesitation until last week.

Is she teething? Breast is softer on sore gums?

BonnetDeDouche Sat 30-Aug-14 16:44:07

Oooh good thinking Dontstep, I hadn't thought of potential teeth on the way through. Might try slathering gums with Bonjela then give it another go.

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