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Baby not putting weight on.

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megann93 Mon 25-Aug-14 21:51:02

Hi, my sons 2 weeks old and is breast fed. he feeds every two hours and feeds untill he comes off, but he always feeds 30 mins + my problem is he isnt putting weight on, and hasnt gone back up to his birth weight. He was weighed at 10 days and then again at 14 didnt loose or gain any weight. With my first my breasts started leaking at 37 weeks and constantly leaked. but i didnt have any milk come out untill he was born. so i dont think im producing enough. they only leak when he cries, there not heavy or hard unlike my first felt like i had bricks on my chest. i just dont know what to do. the midwives arent concerned as his content, lively, and fine its just his weight not getting put on. im just thinking would putting him on formula be better than breast feeding. my partner dont think so. yes i know breast is best but i cant be fully certain that his getting enough. i cant help but be a bit paranoid about his weight. any advice would be helpful thanks.

Philippalc Mon 25-Aug-14 22:12:08

Hi there, there are a lot of ways to increase your milk supply before turning to formula, especially this early. It's difficult to make suggestions without a full history or seeing you breastfeed but in the first instance it may help to pay careful attention to positioning, offer frequent feeds and try breast compressions before offering the second side. The following links may also be helpful One Breast or Two, and Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk. Ideally though if you can find an IBCLC Lactation consultant there's nothing as good as face to face help to nip any troubles in the bud and get breastfeeding on track. Every baby is different and this one may need some new breastfeeding tips and tricks!

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