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lactose intollerance or just not used to it.

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frankiebuns Mon 25-Aug-14 20:14:29

My dd is 1 week old and today and yesterday she has been screaming in pain arching back after her feeds she's on cow and gate she has pooped today but this is really getting me down the first day she was born she pooped 8 times in as many hours its finally slowed down to 3 / 4. My mum kept an eye on her today and apparnetly she had dun a green frothy poop today but not big. My ds was a guzzle guts and always constipated from day 5 he did solid poops early even on formula. So not sure of this is normal. She has been doing mustard poos which I assume is normal but not sure anybody with lactose intolerant baby know if this is normal for 1 week old or do I panic

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 25-Aug-14 21:17:26

Sorry can't help but didn't want you to go unanswered. Hopefully someone will be along soon smile

CultureSucksDownWords Mon 25-Aug-14 21:20:08

Is it the green frothy one that's worrying you? A one off green poo wouldn't worry me (in fact some babies do green poos for a while without any problems). It can also be a symptom of a tummy upset or other virus (like a cold).

The discomfort could be just due to an immature digestive system and may settle. It could also be a symptom of reflux - is she sick a lot as well? If she isn't sick after her feeds, it could be silent reflux. The best thing to do is to ask your HV or your GP if you aren't happy with how things are going.

frankiebuns Mon 25-Aug-14 22:14:12

I'm thinking its a one off as she's just drained 70ml and is zinked out, she did a poop with me which was slightly greener whole grain mustard but its just being unable to consol a week old screaming from tummy ache,

CultureSucksDownWords Mon 25-Aug-14 22:49:10

Have you tried baby massage? There's a circular massage you can try to help with tummy discomfort - you can probably find examples on YouTube.

hollie84 Mon 25-Aug-14 23:43:11

It's very unusual for a baby to be lactose intolerant. If anything it could be cow's milk intolerance.

PuppyMummy Tue 26-Aug-14 07:56:37

mine arches his back and screams when he has wind. Although he is BF he is very windy!

If burping her on your shoulder doesn't help try sitting her up and doing it or put her high on your shoulder and bounce a little whilst walking up and downstairs, I find the 'jolt' can get out a stubborn burp!

frankiebuns Tue 26-Aug-14 16:13:29

Thankyou for the tips, she seems much more contented today, fingers crossed!

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