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Introducing nipple shields at 10 months?

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WhatsMyAgeAgain Sun 24-Aug-14 21:22:24

LO is not coping well with teething, and neither are my nipples.

Vicious circle, the more he needs comfort, the more it hurts and am more reluctant to feed. He is currently having a really tough time, unable to sleep without me, but it just hurts too much!

Would nipple shields be a reasonable option? The bites are at the base of the nipple, and aren't getting chance to heal as the skin is constantly being streched as he sucks.

I can't listen to him anymore, will offer him the less painful side now, but I really need a solution!

LastOneDancing Sun 24-Aug-14 23:12:00

I have no experience of introducing shields later in BF as my DS would only latch with them from day 4, but I can tell you I have had much less pain & trouble than my BF friends so it's worth a try, however the little darlings can still give you a good nip if the urge takes them hmm

If you give it a go, can I recommend the medela shields? They work brilliantly for us and my feeding support lady as well as several online resources recommended them.

WhatsMyAgeAgain Mon 25-Aug-14 07:55:14

After a difficult night, I'm ready to give them a go. Thanks for the recommendation, I will go for Medela (really happy with their breast pump).

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