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9 month old refusing to breastfeed - could it be the mirena coil?

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Bambamb Fri 22-Aug-14 20:03:26

My 9 month old is suddenly very reluctant to feed. She's gradually reduced her feeds over the last 2 weeks and has now only had one in the last 24 hours where she was having 4-5. I keep trying but she just won't, she turns her head away and tries to wrestle free. Finally just before bed I tried again and she had a small guzzle, then promptly brought all the milk up again.

I am so upset, I don't know what is going on. I've done some googling and have read that hormonal changes can make the milk taste different...........does anyone have any experience of breastfeeding with the mirena coil? I was told it would be fine but I had the coil fitted 2 weeks ago which seems a bit of a coincidence.......

All thoughts gratefully received, thanks.

itsonlysubterfuge Sat 23-Aug-14 09:17:37

I've had both coils (the Mirena and the copper one) and breastfed with them both and I haven't noticed any changes to my DD feeding with them in. My DD is 2 and she would voice any differences she noticed.

Is your DD getting some teeth in? I've read that when some children get in their teeth they reduce breastfeeding because it makes it more painful. Maybe you should take her to the doctor or talk to your health visitor?

Every body reacts differently, it could be the Mirena did change the taste of your breastmilk and your DD doesn't like it. However, I have not personally experienced it.

Good luck and I hope you sort something out soon.

Bambamb Sat 23-Aug-14 11:14:21

Hi, thanks so much for replying.
I'm feeling a bit calmer today as she had a mini feed at 3am and then a big one at 7.30 this morning so maybe this is just a blip. It definitely could be teeth, that's what I had been putting it down to initially but after she vomited her feed last night I started to stress it could be something in the milk.......but am less worried now.
Your experience with your DD is reassuring too. I'm finding this time a bit stressful with regards to feeding, DD loves her solids so her milk intake seems to have reduced a huge amount very quickly and I keep worrying she's not getting enough or that my supply won't last. I fed my DS for over 2 years but he was always interested in a feed whenever offered, for milk or comfort! DD doesn't seem to use it as a comfort at all, and lately isn't all that interested in the milk either......she's too interested in what's around her that she can grab or how she can manoeuvre herself to somewhere else or turn herself's like trying to feed an octopus!
I guess I just need to keep trying. I really want her to take more during the day to try to knock the night feeds on the head but 3am seems to be her favourite time to feed, daytimes are too distracting. Fingers crossed we can get through this phase before I go batty!!
Thanks again. x

josephine1986 Sat 23-Aug-14 17:45:16

Hi there, i have a very similar situation wth my nearly 8 month old, she feeds a little and fairly often but massively less than a few weeks ago. As she has other symptoms i think it nust be teething. Is your dd having other symptoms? My dd was similar when her bottom two teeth came in and it lasted 2-3 weeks. She sounds similar in that she doesnt really bf for comfort and is very distractible. Loves her solids so i try and make sure she gets lots of fat and a range of vits and minerals that way

Bambamb Sun 24-Aug-14 19:53:12

Hi, yes she is having other teething symptoms too, lots of dribbling and trying to chomp on everything - teethers, my arm, whatever! Her top front teeth are om the way I think.
I've had much more success today with the BF's. Sitting in my bedroom in the quiet with the curtains drawn has really helped to reduce the distractions.

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