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Ready made formula

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moomin35 Fri 22-Aug-14 13:39:54

I've been using mine straight out the cupboard (so room temperature). Should I have been warming it up?

TravellingToad Fri 22-Aug-14 13:42:17

no, no need if baby is happy.

ilovepowerhoop Fri 22-Aug-14 13:43:08

if your baby is happy then use it at room temperature. It will make things easier if you are out and about too as they will be used to it not being warmed

angelopal Fri 22-Aug-14 18:03:44

Use it when out and never warmed it up.

beccajoh Fri 22-Aug-14 19:22:51

Nooooo don't do it! You run the risk that they then won't drink anything but warm milk!

crazykat Fri 22-Aug-14 19:29:22

I never warmed formula for any of mine. Saved so much time not having to faff about warming it up.

Mitchell2 Fri 22-Aug-14 22:19:22

Definitely don't warm if you have to! I store open bottles of ready made stuff in the fridge and put into the baby bottles and serve it cold. Also do this with ebm and powdered formula bottles I make up in advance. Baby takes it cold - much less work grin

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