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DD 9 days old and not gaining, should I worry?

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MrsNutella Tue 19-Aug-14 10:07:17


DD is DC2. I BF DS and he is fine. I don't know why I'm letting myself get so worried with DD.

I'm in Germany and the system here is :
You have a midwife who visits you regularly before and after the baby is born. They are supposed to know their stuff (more than I would expect of a HV - although I know some of them are great). Anyway, my midwife has been a midwife for, I think, a bit over 25 years. She is nice enough but it seems like she knows what she knows and it is right. No questions. IYSWIM.

So, her advice is to always feed DD from one breast and one breast only.
DD comes off after a while and roots around like she is still hungry. Trying to put her back on the same breast she fusses, gets a bit worked up but will not latch on.
DD is 9 days old today. She is a bit jaundiced, to the extent that we're popping to the dr later to get her checked.

The midwife is also making me concerned about DD's weight gain. She was 3640g at birth and has held at about 3450g since but isn't gaining.

A part of me is really unhappy and frustrated by her advice, which I have tried to follow. Another part of me asks why am I taking so much notice of what she says. DS is fine, I fed him with the same boobies!

I need some support but I don't know where to go for it here.

So I'm hoping you can help me MN smile thank you.

Imeg Tue 19-Aug-14 10:11:58

I found the Kellymom page about weight gain really helpful.

Breast compressions worked for us.

lloydlf76 Tue 19-Aug-14 10:16:12

The BF advice is outdated you should always be offering both breasts at each feed and if when she has finished the second she is still rooting then it doesn't hurt to offer the first again so she gets more of the fatty hindmilk.

lloydlf76 Tue 19-Aug-14 10:16:21

The BF advice is outdated you should always be offering both breasts at each feed and if when she has finished the second she is still rooting then it doesn't hurt to offer the first again so she gets more of the fatty hindmilk.

Vacillating Tue 19-Aug-14 10:20:23

Mrs Nutella your mw is wrong and her info might be the sole cause of the problem. It is a problem and your baby would be gaining now of feeding was going well but happily there sounds like lots you can do to turn it round.l

Simply the more you feed and the more sides you give during a feed then the more milk your baby takes and the more weight they put on. Google switch nursing and breast compressions- they worksmile

Can you take two days off, do nothing else other than skin to skin and feeding getting in as many feeds as possible. It would be a sensible back up plan to get a pump and to pump any time you can ( you can give as top ups or keep to give in case feeding changes don't bring improvements quickly enough then can be used as too ups).

Your mws advice works for people with too much milk, it reduces supply not what you want when your baby is trying to boost supply. Every time your baby comes off or gets sleepy offer the other side.

Sorry your bf support has been poor on the good side because you have bf once already your supply will bounce back quickersmile

MrsNutella Tue 19-Aug-14 11:23:11

Thank you! smile

I know that I feel really vulnerable at this time (I expected it this time after a rough ride with DS for the first few months) and trying to do and understand everything in a second language really doesn't help!

I will look up breast compressions. I have started feeding DD on both sides and she seems happier too. I'm hoping she can catch up now.

She seems to have a slight problem latching on the right breast too (the nipple is now really sore but slowly getting better).
I have my breastfeeding tea and porridge for breakfast so hopefully we will be fine.
Thank you again. Your replies really help me feel a bit more supported and relaxed! thanks

MrsNutella Tue 19-Aug-14 12:47:35

Just thinking, I forgot to mention that the midwife also suggested that I give DD a bottle to top her up & help her gain weight. But, she suggested I give the bottle to DD in the afternoon when my milk is a bit thinner hmm

Vacillating Tue 19-Aug-14 13:26:07

Ahem that well known thinner afternoon milk...not!

No wonder you feel vulnerable with over confident poor info and a second language to contend withsad sounds like You have much fetter instincts than your mw does.

Topping up May well help gain, bottle would be a second choice ordinArily to cup feeding especially if latch getting sorted though one or two not that likely to cause further latching issues.

Take care

MrsNutella Thu 21-Aug-14 18:26:36

Just a little update.

We were at the dr's today, to check DD for jaundice (because she was a bit too yellow for the MW to be happy), dr was happy with her and she has gained about 100g grin HURRAH

Thank you all for the support. It's really lovely to know that I have somewhere I can ask for help.

Vacillating Thu 21-Aug-14 22:42:05

Great newssmile

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