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BF help please (super-long, sorry)

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DizzyCow63 Mon 18-Aug-14 16:53:42

This post will be mammoth, sorry, but didn't want to leave out anything that could be relevant.

DS2 is 3.5wks old and we are really struggling with bf. Had a rocky start in hospital. I had an EMCS under GA at 38 wks and a PPH and was quite poorly for a day or two. DS did latch well, but due to a blockage in his kidney and very poor kidney function tests, we were strongly advised by the paediatrician to give formula top-ups until my milk came in, which didn't happen until day 5. DS is on a daily antibiotic to prevent kidney infections until we see the surgeons.

Once my milk came in I gradually started reducing the formula top-ups and just offering the breast at every feeding cue. By day 13 we had stopped top ups and were exclusively bf. However DS's weight gain has been really slow. He was 9lbs at birth, but continued to drop until day 10, when he was 8lb 3ozs. On Thurs of last week, day 21, he was only back to 8lb 10ozs. My HV, who I do like and trust, recommended one formula top-up a day, which I accepted, and started on Friday. It is prescription formula as we suspect he has CMPI, DS1 did, and I have cut diary from my diet.

From last Monday, we have also been treating thrush with daktaran gel for both of us, and lately fluconazole for me as it was in my ducts and the daktaran wasn't helping. Since the thrush started, I feel DS's latch, which had been good, has got worse. He is off and on numerous times at the start of a feed. My nipples are agony. I had white patches which turned to scabs on both, which I thought was due to the thrush, but am now wondering if it is damage due to a poor latch. One has healed pretty much although still painful, but the other is now like an open sore and is constantly agony. I don't know if i will be able to feed from it later or whether to try to express from it instead to give it a chance to heal.

I really wanted to EBF as I really struggled with not being able to bf DS1, but add in to the mix an infection in my cs wound which is so sore and a 3 year old who is having a hard time adjusting to being a big brother, I really feel like giving up but am scared I'll regret it. Sitting here in tears.

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 18-Aug-14 20:25:28

Dizzy I think you need more help than a forum can provide. Please call one of the Breastfeeding Helplines. Do let us know how you are now too smile

petalsandstars Mon 18-Aug-14 20:38:40

Can you get to a lll meeting or get a visit from a lactation consultant? Some of the fb groups for breastfeeding (especially in your local area) may have contacts for home visits.

Good luck

Philippalc Mon 18-Aug-14 21:34:10

Hi Dizzy, yes you really do need more help than a forum like this can give. An IBCLC lactation consultant would be best if you can find one either attached to your maternity hospital or in private practice. There are links at the end of this article to follow to find an IBCLC Why Hire an IBCLC. The pain you describe could equally be from a poor latch as from thrush or bacterial infection or a combination of things. An IBCLC can watch a feed, adjust positioning, check baby's tongue function, study the weight chart and put a plan in place to get breastfeeding back on track for you. Meanwhile this article may be helpful What Can I Put on Sore Nipples or Why Does Breastfeeding Hurt

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 19-Aug-14 21:30:41

Dizzy how are you now?

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