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Breastfeeding and teething - I want to stop!!

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mygreeneyedboy Sun 17-Aug-14 10:06:08

Most post I have googled about breastfeeding and teething are asking how to continue breastfeeding through the pain. But I don't want to. I really really want to stop. I have had a sore cracked nipple for the past two or three weeks, even though the teething of my 7 month old DS only really started last night. (I imagine teeth will appear in the next day or two). He is crying in his sleep every half hour, not opening his eyes - he's had the rest of the teething symptoms for weeks.

I've got down to a 9am, 7pm, 11pm, 4am feed. Last night I was very reluctant to give the 4am feed as I was in so much pain. But then so was he. So I continued.

He doesn't drink much formula milk from a bottle - about 25ml at a time and around 75ml-100ml a day. He eats 3 meals a day plus a yoghurt and a fruit compote.

I've started to drop the 9am feed, I'm on my 2nd day now (didn't do yesterday, but the day before was painful for me!). The crack nipple (I only feed from one side due to an infection meaning the surgeon told me to stop feeding on the other side - this was about 4 months ago or more)

Am I cruel to continue to reduce the feeds whilst he is in pain from teething? Should I just get through my own pain and let him comfort feed?

WhatsMyAgeAgain Sun 17-Aug-14 11:15:29

Have you tried baby nurofen? We save it for teething.

And boots teething gel or anbesol liquid.

If you can ease some of his discomfort, maybe you won't feel such a need to drop feeds?

And you're using Lansinoh on your nipples? I also rub a bit of breast milk on too.

mygreeneyedboy Sun 17-Aug-14 12:23:56

Currently abroad for the next two weeks so can't get hold of much (Norway is far too expensive really) I've been using their version of lansinoh which is okay but I need to put it on every two hours to stop my nipple drying out.

I do have a bottle of calpol, which I plan to give him tonight.

I had been trying to stop breastfeeding anyway, I just now want to do it at a faster pace. I am also worried that by not feeding him, he might get dehydrated, The days I have skipping 9am feed he doesn't get a wet nappy as often (but still dirty ones)

WhatsMyAgeAgain Sun 17-Aug-14 16:40:34

Sorry I have no more suggestions. Sort of muddling through myself, have some similar problems. I'm also trying to cut down on bf. I've been offering LO water throughout the day, with varying degrees of success. Last couple of days he's been sucking on orange wedges a lot. Messy but he's getting fluids at least. Does your LO drink much water?

mygreeneyedboy Sun 17-Aug-14 17:44:10

Orange wedges is a good idea - I should try them again. Yes he doesn't really differentiate between milk and water really. so I prefer milk as it has more calories. Have you tried a doley cup? DS loves them! Just painfully slow and very messy as well!

TheBearAndTheBug Sun 17-Aug-14 18:52:20

Sore cracked nipples are not usually associated with teething unless your baby is actually biting hard enough to break the skin. At seven months the most likely cause is probably thrush. It may be present in your baby's mouth too in the form of white patches, or it may not, but you should both be treated to prevent it from recurring. Go to your gp as soon as possible - pain during breastfeeding is always worth investigating!

mygreeneyedboy Mon 18-Aug-14 18:38:46

Bear Thank you! I had never thought about thrush - definitely a likely cause! I knew it wasn't teething causing the problem, as it started beforehand, but I had been worried it would make the pain worse.
I shall either go to the GP in 2 weeks when I am home, or wait until next week when I am in France and the GP's are cheaper than in Norway (thank God for the NHS at home!)
I've checked DS - nothing in his mouth. You don't know of anything I can do to treat it myself? I'm going to have a google anyway. smile

McFox Mon 18-Aug-14 23:26:53

If you can get hold if some virgin coconut oil that will help with the cracking and if you have thrush too. Put it on after every feed and it will sort things out fast. Have a google, there's loads of info.

Imeg Tue 19-Aug-14 08:41:45

I don't think it's in any way cruel to adjust the feeds regardless of teething as at this age he is presumably not spending very long feeding - I'm sure you're giving him lots of cuddles and other types of comfort eg teething rings, and I can't see that making yourself more sore is going to help him in any way. It sounds like you have already persevered through some significant challenges - I'm sure in your circumstances I would have stopped a long time ago. If you are more comfortable and not worrying about feeding then you may be better able to deal with the strain of a teething baby?

Philippalc Tue 19-Aug-14 09:08:21

If your baby is feeding correctly his tongue will be over his bottom teeth and his top teeth won't be near the nipple either. However if he is in pain from teething he may be slipping into a shallow latch or doing something different with his suck. Try to pay careful attention to the latch and go back to basics. Once you already have nipple damage with broken skin you are at risk of bacterial infection as well as fungal and then the pain will continue even with a good latch. You can get to an article about sore nipple treatments from this link, it recommends correcting the latch, washing a damaged nipple with soap and using an antibiotic cream because most infections are Staph (bacteria) and also an anti inflammatory cream. The article also compares other treatments you can try at home. Try to go slowly with weaning, or pump if it is too painful to feed. An engorged breast coupled with a damaged nipple is a high risk for mastitis.

TheBearAndTheBug Tue 19-Aug-14 13:14:44

You might be able to get otc fungal treatment in Norway or in France (I think definitely in France), but it would be much better to see a doctor if possible.

mygreeneyedboy Tue 19-Aug-14 19:48:01

Thanks everyone smile I'll check out a pharmacy when I can get to one. I thought it had been getting better until just now when it was soooo painful - doesn't normally hurt at this time.

I am so tempted to quit right now and just express and let DS cry. DP doesn't want me to drop anymore feeds as on Saturday we have 3 flights and he is worried DS will be noisy on the plane (so BF is the solution he thinks - not that I have needed to do this before on a plane with DS)

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