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Best bottle for BF baby?

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Eyespy24 Sat 16-Aug-14 17:06:47

Trying to give my bf DS age 7 wks the occasional bottle of ebf with not much success. It's always someone else giving it, he took the first one but has been very reluctant since.

We're using avent standard bottles with a 1 teat as that worked with DD. Is it worth trying other makes? Any suggestions? I see avent have a new natural range claiming to be better for bf baby anyone had more luck with that or anything else?

Any other tips welcome. It's not essential that he takes a bottle but would be nice to have the freedom of knowing someone else can feed him.

stargirl1701 Sat 16-Aug-14 17:22:58

NUK with a latex teat?

Medela Calma?


MrsHathaway Sat 16-Aug-14 17:38:47

We had success with Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature. I've seen that they're on a deal in Tesco atm.

mangofizz Sat 16-Aug-14 18:18:12

We used medela calma for a while as I was majorly paranoid about nipple confusion. Tried a tommy tippee closer to nature a bit later on and he took that no problem but now won't touch the calma (and progressed to hating tommy tippee too but that's another story)

A set of 6 9oz closer to nature ones are on offer on amazon at the moment for £7.20, think a set of 2 in boots is around a tenner so it's a great price

Eyespy24 Sat 16-Aug-14 21:17:50

Thanks for the tips

Poppytime Sat 16-Aug-14 21:22:12

I used nuk with Latex teat to eventually get my ebf baby to take a bottle. A couple of months later got onto the silicone ones and still use them now (almost 12 months). I already had stocks of avent and different teat sizes but she refused to take them!

Hedgehogging Sat 16-Aug-14 21:38:19

Another vote for Nuk with latex teat. Couldn't get on with Avent.

Incacola Sat 16-Aug-14 21:40:45

We used the Tommee Tippee closer to nature very successfully. Breast fed with a supplemental evening bottle of formula from 10 days old until 13 months with no issues switching between them.

letsgetreadytoramble Sat 16-Aug-14 21:46:42

Playtex (I know!!) do a bottle with a latex teat - saved my sanity after a month of trying to switch DS from breast to bottle before I went back to work. You should be able to find my hysterical thread, but I'd highly recommend them. They are a faff with the pre-sterilised inserts, but we only used them for a month before we managed to switch him from then to tommee tipee. Best of luck, it's really hard thanks

McFox Sat 16-Aug-14 21:51:28

Tommee tippee and Dr Browns work for my DS, he seemed to gulp down loads of air using the Avent bottles.

GoogleyEyes Sat 16-Aug-14 21:55:47

Breastflow bottles worked for me. Often v cheap in TK Maxx.

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