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QuietNinjaTardis Fri 15-Aug-14 19:13:57

Dd is 8 months so why I'm suddenly getting problems now I don't know.
She's doing well with solids but she's not eating loads and load a but she won't feed well during the day, she pretty much refuses the right boob completely unless I trick her with the rugby hold and my nipples are sore! Her latch is fine but she's just got two new upper teeth and I think she's slipping a bit sometimes and scraped me so it's not fun at the mo.

She still wakes a lot at night (can't self settle my fault I know blah blah) so will feed back to sleep about 4 times a night at the mo. So she's still getting milk but I'm worried that my "daytime" milk will dry up more than I want. She feeds to sleep for naps but seems to be not dropping off on the boob like she used to, could this be because my milk is going? I'm getting worried cos I don't really know what's going on and I'm sore and panicking a little bit.
I know that's a bit of an essay but what do I do? I'm piling on the lansinoh and trying to stop her slipping but I think she's trying to get me to letdown by moving around and it's taking ages sometimes. Help!

vickylu1 Fri 15-Aug-14 19:57:15

I fed both mine till the were 18 and 16 months but by the time they were around 8/9 months it was only an evening feed. I think now that your little one is on solids that she's probably feeling fuller during the day. You could try settling her with a beaker of water in the night and maybe she'll feel more hungry during the day?

In regards to your milk drying up I don't think that should be an issue if you're feeding about four times in the night. You could express during the day to keep your supply up depending on how long you plan to continue breastfeeding. The sore nipples does sound like she's not really feeding though so maybe try expressing manually to see if any milk comes out? Although I found this wouldn't work as well unless I was really relaxed, it's obviously worrying you and that would also contribute to your milk not flowing as much.

Are you getting enough to eat yourself and rest? That could have an impact.

Also, little ones don't actually need that much to eat. If you put what your little one ate plus whatever liquid they've drunk in a bag and look at it like that, it would probably equate to the size of their little stomach so I wouldn't worry that she's not getting enough to eat.

La Leche league were fairly helpful when my daughter lost interest in breast milk at 18 months they told me to have a relaxing bath with lavender but I thought 18 months was probably long enough! More than enough for most smile

Anyway, I hope you manage to figure something out that works for you and your daughter. the most important person is you, as without you, little one will be lost, so make sure you give yourself some you time. (Assuming you don't do this, but you may do).

Best wishes.

QuietNinjaTardis Fri 15-Aug-14 20:22:49

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I can't express, not a drop, haven't leaked for months and months and I only see my milk when it dribbles out of her mouth! So the only way of keeping my supply up is her feeding.
I'll have to see how it goes I suppose. I sure if she was hungry she'd feed and she will have a feed sometimes, it's just not as much which is to be expected but she's refuses the right boob pretty much every feed.

hollie84 Fri 15-Aug-14 20:25:34

Your supply isn't going to dry up at 8 months especially as you are feeding so often. Sounds like your period could be returning though?

QuietNinjaTardis Fri 15-Aug-14 20:46:29

I did wonder about that Hollie. Yesterday I had the most excruciating period pain which got better after pain killers but no period. So no idea if they are gonna come back soon. Will report back if they do.

museumum Fri 15-Aug-14 20:52:51

At 8/9 months i was feeding at breakfast time, about 3pm ish and bedtime only. He would only feed in private/quiet too as was too nosy the rest of the time.
so, are you sure she really wants/needs to feed when you're trying to feed her? are you in a quiet place?

If that's all fine then I guess it's about helping her to relearn her latch with her teeth. If it was me I'd not worry about her intake but be really strict with the latch so take her off if it's wrong and try again. Try lots of different positions. But most of all at this age for me it was about eliminating distraction and seeking out a calming environment and just not bothering feeding if we're out and about as there was no point, I gave him lots of dairy instead (porridge, yoghurt etc).

hollie84 Fri 15-Aug-14 20:58:47

I still fed DS1 to sleep for naps at this age, but I think I did drop one day feed deliberately as he was messing about and it did encourage him to feed better for the other ones.

QuietNinjaTardis Fri 15-Aug-14 21:02:52

Thanks museumum that's good to know. I do try to feed her somewhere quiet if we are at home cos she's very distractable. It's nice to know I'm not feeding her too little in the day. Will also be strict about her latch cos its really sore at the mo. Bloody teeth, keeping me awake at night and making me sore <grumble> really appreciate all replies thank you.

vickylu1 Sat 16-Aug-14 13:46:48

Yes the distraction thing is a pain at that age. The joys of periods starting again, that makes sense too. I think it makes the milk taste different.

Regarding the not wanting right boob, you could alternate if you can remember so it's not too painful for you.

You probably do this already but just mentioning as alternating could help.

I remember the girls both biting when they got their teeth, and smiling, the cheeky monkeys! Unlatch, no more milk and try again worked best and then stop feed altogether if they did it again, they soon sorted it out.

Just wondering if you've tried speaking to the GP/nurse/health visitor about the sore nipples as you could have an infection, possibly, complete stab in the dark here.

Either way, well done for keeping up the breastfeeding. It kept the ills away from my girls and saved me a lot of time and money too smile

QuietNinjaTardis Sat 16-Aug-14 14:43:17

Cheers Vicky. I'm proud I've got this far, will see how it goes. Another tooth popped thru last night an yes I had no sleep so will see how it goes. I'm hoping she'll stop mucking about once they're all thru properly.

vickylu1 Sat 16-Aug-14 16:35:21

No probs. it's tiring breastfeeding but definitely worth it. I didn't think before but the fact that she' stretching could be another reason for her waking in the night. Best of luck smile

QuietNinjaTardis Sat 23-Aug-14 16:35:22

Well for those who are interested probably no one my period started today. It's very light but it's there. So I had a good innings of almost 9 months past my pregnancy so that's quite good. Will see if it helps my daughter with her fussiness when it's done. Still getting numerous night waking a but think I'll have to post in sleep for that one. Oh and nipples are no longer sore so that's good!

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