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Cleft lip feeding post repair

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SecretAriel Thu 14-Aug-14 23:32:37

My dd is 9 weeks old she has right side cleft lip with a notch out of her gum. She She has breast fed wonderfully since birth. I am a bridesmaid at my sisters wedding in a few weeks and was hoping to feed her some expressed milk so I can at least get through ceremony without feeding her. I really did not anticipate any problems with this as she took to the breast so well and I thought her cleft did not affect her feeding. So when she refused a bottle of expressed milk I thought it was preference. I have since tried
6 different bottles and teats (not cheap!!!) and she seems unable to suck from them and boaks if I try to squeeze milk into her mouth. She will have her repair before the wedding. Does anyone have experience of this, and will she be able to take a bottle after her surgery?

averythinline Thu 14-Aug-14 23:42:51

Hi, ds had same he was ebf before and never took to a bottle but I didn't try hard at first as was quite obsessed about bf and struggled to express...I was recommended special bottles (haberman feeder I think they are called) before the op but thought would wait til after...ds recovered v quick after the op, so would have been easy to use a normal bottle/teat so you may want to hang on and retry the ones you've got afterwards...his gum notch was not that big though so you may find the special bottle still a better bet... Hth

SecretAriel Thu 14-Aug-14 23:59:59

Thanks. I'll try and stop stressing so much and try again after the op. Glad to hear your little one recovered quick after surgery.

averythinline Fri 15-Aug-14 09:52:06

Yes it was amazing,I was extremely stressed but ds right as rain in no time and I'm sure that's the norm...we went on holiday less than 10 days after the op!! Best wishes for u and dd as well

feekerry Fri 15-Aug-14 18:53:41

don't know anything about cleft lip but just came on to add some babies just don't accept a bottle full stop. i too tried every combination of bottles and teats and all sorts and dd never ever took a bottle. wouldn't even mildy entertain one!
enjoy the wedding and don't stress if dd doesn't take a bottle post op....some babies never do. good luck!!x

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