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Fenugreek - any experiences?

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Chasabeth Wed 13-Aug-14 22:41:49

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone has used or has known of anyone using Fenugreek to help increase milk supply? Long story short I had terrible trouble BF when my DS was born which has had a massive effect on my BF now (I've seen specialists, midwifes, my GP, used helplines & BF clinics) and I'm having to top him up with expressed milk or formula after feeds.

He's 5 weeks, 4 days & over the past week my supply has gone down, I can't express as much as I used to and my DS is taking longer to feed. I've increased my water intake and making sure I'm eating healthy snacks, resting etc which is helping but only a small amount but not enough. I gave read about fenugreek to help increase milk supply with mixed results and I wanted to get some honest opinions. I'm concerned as my DS grows I'm going to be unable to feed him less and less and it's been a long, hard, emotional slog to get where I am now so I don't want to give up now.

Any help would be great.


Squtternutbaush Wed 13-Aug-14 22:45:59

I found that after 6 weeks I couldn't express an ounce regardless of pump despite having gotten 4-5 ounces regularly before hand but I don't think it has any baring on the feeds themselves.

A friend of mine drank Fenugreek tea at least twice a day from birth to build supply and it seemed yo help her as she said her DS was fussier when she didn't take it.

Christelle2207 Wed 13-Aug-14 22:46:58

Hi. I used it and it definitely helped up my supply. I think I took 9 a day though , 3x3! Made me smell a bit of curry but only my dh noticed (and, possibly, baby ds!)

Monkeybrain10 Fri 15-Aug-14 05:24:31

I've been taking it for similar reasons..i think it helped but ds has had terrible diarrhea recently which may or may not be a side effect? i too smell of curry tho i smell more of fenugreek than bo so that's a bonus!! i do think it helped...i also drink fennel tea which is supposed to help the let certainly does...i definitely get an initial gush of milk. read somewhere to avoid peppermint (i used to drink mint tea...hence swapping to fennel ). i have pretty much given up expressing (ds is 6 weeks now...was expressing due to sore nipples and was told to formula top up as ds had some weight loss in early weeks). now just bf with a last thing b4bed formula feed most nights. he seems to have hungry days and then days when bf seems enough.I'm taking fenugreek tablets tho currently only one a day (rather than the 2x 3 a day on the packet) due to the diarrhea concerns (not making Amy difference as it turns out and Dr reckons its just delicate tummy not coping well with formula to breast milk combo). good's worth a try!

EllaRees Tue 26-Aug-14 08:41:52

I sympathise. I took 3x3 per day of the green lid brand of capsules you buy at holland and barratt (not solgar, which is a lower dose). That was advised by a registered Lactation Consultant, and together with expressing after every feed for a couple of days (so arduous I know, but it worked) I built up the supply after a very rocky start. Good luck.

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