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Post laser tongue-tie and lip-tie procedure

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Chaz1210 Wed 06-Aug-14 13:33:24


Just wanted to share my recent experience of dealing with DS2 tongue and lip tie and trying to breastfeed throughout this complete and utter mindf&*k!

So, I had DS almost seven weeks ago. He's perfect in every way imaginable. Delivery was good too - no drugs etc and had a water birth - a far cry from the drug-fuelled birth with DD1. Anyway, thinking that everything was fantastic and natural, that breastfeeding this time round would be a breeze and that flowers and unicorns would appear every time I fed him.

Obviously, that did NOT happen. DS just like DD1 had (has?) a posterior tongue-tie and this new thing I recently found out about - a lip-tie. So, when he was 9 days old I had the TT clipped. Feeding was better for about 3 days and then went back to normal - kicking, shallow latch, falling on and off the breast. So I had it clipped a second time - as it has 'grown back'- he was about 4 weeks old. Feeding was good for one day and then back to normal.

I persevered for 2 more weeks and things just didn't feel right. He was feeding for HOURS. I have a 3 year old that needs attention too and found myself giving formula top-ups / expressed mlll whenever things got overwhelming.

During this time, I had been expressing/taking fenugreek to keep up my supply, which now seems to be established - though Im still paranoid about it.

Two days ago, I took him to see Dr Malcolm Levinkind, who is a paediatric dentist in Finchley and corrects ties using laser. He diagnosed a posterior tie - in fact DS2's tongue was asymmetrical because it hadn't been clipped properly both times! And a grade three lip -tie. He told me that he would not correct the tongue-tie after a third time and to be honest I wouldn't keep mucking about with DS mouth.

So, now we are two-days post-procedure, I have to perform some massages and stretches on the areas lasered, which are pretty upsetting, but they are meant to help with preventing any sort of reattachment. So as you can imagine I am doing them religiously. The day after DS has a cranial appt.

I am emotionally and physically exhausted. I have been consumed by this tongue-tie saga from day one and for the second time. DS is putting on weight - he is a healthy 11lbs - born at 7lbs 2oz. However, the feeds take forever and the latch is still shallow and every time I try to latch him deeply he gags and pulls back to a shallower latch.

I just want to know if anyone has had their LO 's TT and LT revised by laser and how long it took for things to get better - feeding times/latch/milk transfer etc. I just feel like I am going round in circles in my head and just need some support/reassurance that all will be ok.

Also, if you did the post-procedure exercises and stretches how you knew you were doing them right? I just want things to get a bit easier and want some peace for myself.

Sorry it's so long...but I would love to hear your experiences of TT/LT etc issues and how /if you overcame them. x

Coughle Wed 06-Aug-14 23:56:02

Haven't been through this myself but know a few who have. What a roller coaster. You sound like you've been through a tough time, hopefully things will get easier soon. If you don't get any more responses bump in a few hours!

McBaby Thu 07-Aug-14 08:27:15

We had to have TT cut four times before her tongue functioned enough to feed. First cut was not deep enough so did not severe the tie fully plus two regrowths.

We has cranial osteopathy around time of forth cut which was amazing I could see her tongue function improve after each session only 3 were required. We are in North London if your want the details of the lovely woman we went to.

We went on to feed I till 14 months so it can be done but it was a painful process for me but dd1 was content and putting on weight.

Chaz1210 Thu 07-Aug-14 22:00:05

Thank you for your replies! McBaby, I cannot believe that..four times! How old was she once it was sorted and did you have laser? Also, how long did it take her to latch and feed efficiently! Your story gives me hope.

Coughle - it has been rough! just had a really awful evening - he has been refusing boob and screaming - think his mouth must be sore...but I think that's normal?! trying not to panic about it..gave some expressed milk in a hopefully when he wakes ill be able to feed him!

would love the details of the cranial!

Tortycat Sun 17-Aug-14 22:36:15

Sorry to hear you're having a crappy time. I'm also struggling. My ds1 is 5 weeks old and eventually diagnosed with tongue tie a week ago. We had it clipped privately on tues, but if anything his latch has got worse. A breastfeeding specialist we saw yesterday said it's not been cut enough, so will have to go back to original dr who did it now and see if he'll redo it. I feel awful as I was 'made' to top up with ff by midwives as he was still way off his birthweight by 4 weeks. I'm pumping but not expressing much at all. I feel this is all consuming and spoiling what should be a lovely time, but I can't help feel so upset about ff. how does the cranial help?

hollie84 Sun 17-Aug-14 22:45:06

I've read mixed things about these "exercises" - I would want to know exactly what the evidence for whether they were necessary/effective was before doing them.

returnvisit Mon 18-Aug-14 09:53:46

My dd had her tongue tie cut 2 weeks ago, she is 5 weeks old. Unlike yours my dd has struged with weight gain and is only 5 oz above her birth weight. Feeding though is a lot better in the sense that it is now no longer excruiating painful but it still takes hours and hours to feed her and with very little reward in the form of weight gain . Im very disheartened really especially when i see other bottle fed children gaining and it is so tempting just to give up ebf.

I really feel for you, you seem to be doing a great job and i understand the frustration. I would continue the exercises and im not as vigilant with doing them. I was told that feeding was the best exercise for them to stop it getting tied again? Not sure if that is right. Good luck

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