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Stopped bf too soon - can I start again?

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Mooster1709 Sun 03-Aug-14 21:06:30

I dropped down to just 1 bf a day for my 11 month old, about a week ago. Would really like to go back to two, or even three. Is this possible? And if so how? I stopped because she was biting a lot and not feeding very well at all in the afternoon and evening feeds but now she has a tummy bug and I'm feeling guilty! Please help!

ChangeIsNear Sun 03-Aug-14 21:14:45

I had to go cold turkey on breastfeeding, and my breasts are very sore and still attempting to heal. So my perspective might be a little different.

I would say think over properly why you want to introduce more feeds again. However if you are sure, you can have nursing tea to increase your supply, fenugreek tablets and oats. But I think if you just started putting her on your breast, your supply might just increase naturally.

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