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fussy feeding

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lilyandhenrysmummy Sun 03-Aug-14 19:58:10

Hi mummy's
My son is 6 weeks 4 days and I'm having a nightmare with his feeding. He has a lactose intolerance and doc has put him on nutramigen hypoallergenic milk about 3/4 weeks ago. Its worked wonders for his tummy pains but I can't get him to take all his feeds. A good feed he will take 4/5 oz and he roughly goes about 3/4 hours but quite often he will only take a couple of oz and his evening feed before bed i struggle to get him to have any at all. Doc prescribed gaviscon for silent reflux but if that's the problem its just not working, he is hungry but just screams when I try to feed him but will really suck his dummy hard. I know he wants it but just won't take it. Does anybody have any ideas what it could be? He gets wind up no problem at all. Feels like I'm constantly at the doctors . please help mummy's :-(

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