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Introducing formula feeds temporarily

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Imeg Sat 02-Aug-14 18:30:26

Thank you to those who replied to the last thread. I am still really struggling with eating enough/ongoing upset stomach (now 3 weeks...) and really need to get better so I can look after the baby properly.
Anyway, baby is 21weeks, has been more or less EBF until now, but I have decided I want to give him formula for at least two feeds to cut down the amount of milk I have to produce to help my energy balance, and also in case I'm not getting better and need to swap to full ff, am planning mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
Does anyone have any tips for doing this successfully, especially in relation to avoiding mastitis and avoiding him faffing about with the bottle so not having a full feed and waking up an extra time at night instead?! If I get worse have I been feeding long enough just to do a couple of feeds at night and do all formula during the day?

MuscatBouschet Sat 02-Aug-14 19:32:26

I've just been through a nasty virus and my DH has been giving formula to our 5 month old approximately every other feed so that I can get well. I haven't felt engorged at all so mastitis not an issue. Too early to say what it has done to my supply.

hollie84 Sat 02-Aug-14 19:38:35

My baby is the same age and has 2 bottles a day now. I usually breastfeed between 7-9am and then he has a bottle for the next feed so between 10-12. Then he has another one as a dream feed at 11pm.

I would introduce one feed and let your breasts adjust before adding the second - I think it took about a week each time for me to fully adjust to the skipped feed.

At the moment I have 2 periods where I'm not breastfeeding, approx 9am-2pm and 7pm-2am with no mastitis or anything. Not sure about faffing on the bottle, has he had one before?

Imeg Sun 03-Aug-14 08:12:09

He has had bottles before but has now decided he won't take one... My mum has had some success with an open cup but it's hard to get any significant quantity in.

Fruitsaladmum Tue 05-Aug-14 05:59:36

If I was you I would cut down 1 feed at a time.
Sounds like the last thing you need right now is to deal with is mastitis/ engorged painful breasts.
It is often easier for other people to give bottles as they know you have milk. Maybe get you mum/ partner to have another go with a bottle while you are not around.

lapetitesiren Tue 05-Aug-14 06:08:54

Rather than skip the feed completely reduce the amount you pump each day by about 30 mls. Then if/when you are ready increase gradually as well. Everyone is different and some breasts respond quicker than others but gradual reduction will reduce risk of engorgement.
So sorry you are ill and I hope you feel better soon.

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