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What size bottle teat?

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nello Thu 31-Jul-14 18:43:41

Baby is 6 weeks old and takes ages to get anything out of a bottle. I am using size 1 avent teats. Should I try size 2?


nello Fri 01-Aug-14 06:17:58


ilovepowerhoop Fri 01-Aug-14 07:04:34

cant hurt to try them, you would need them at some point anyway

HeavenK76 Sat 02-Aug-14 09:58:47

my 2 week old dd takes size 1 teat from avent and takes an hour to feed, midwife suggested to give her size 2 but that's too fast for her. She also likes to fall asleep while slowly feeding so if the teat is too fast she can't fall asleep.
but if your son's struggling you should try size 2

ilovepowerhoop Sat 02-Aug-14 18:15:15

size 1 is newborn and size 2 is 1 month+ so yes I would try the faster one

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