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Any idea what might be the issue with my 7 wo?

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stargirl1701 Thu 31-Jul-14 05:52:08

That's great news!

Bumblebzz Thu 31-Jul-14 02:55:45

Thanks all, I saw a fabulous infant feeding specialist today (Kings college hospital) and she has diagnosed tongue tie and silent reflux. She advised me to go back to GP to get a prescription for rantidine as gaviscon is a pain to administer when bf. Referral process for tongue tie treatment has commenced, she also recommended I cut out dairy for 6 weeks to see if eczema clears.
I am so relieved to have finally found someone who has taken a holistic view of all the issues my baby has, with some specific follow ups we can pursue!

Pobblewhohasnotoes Wed 30-Jul-14 19:46:35

Lactose intolerance is different from a milk protein intolerance OP, infact lactose intolerance is quite rare but lactose does appear naturally in breast milk. DS had to be on Neocate which is a completely dairy free formula.

katheroo Wed 30-Jul-14 19:34:14

I would also suggest milk protein intolerance. My DD had the following symptoms from 2 weeks old:
Fighting her feed, writhing, pushing away etc
Explosive poos ranging from 7 - 13 a day-they were runny, mucousy and often had specks of blood in.
Gurgling stomach.
However, the GP's ( I saw many) refused to accept it could be MPI as she wasn't showing other symptoms ( no rash, putting on weight). At the end of my tether I went out and bought lactose free formula and literally within hours she was a different baby. The explosive poos went to 1 normal poo a day and the feeding improved.

bakingtins Wed 30-Jul-14 19:23:55

Sounds very like my ds2 who had silent reflux and was MSPI ( milk and soya protein intolerant. He did also have a TT, snipping it improved his feeding but made no difference to the other symptoms. "Colic solved" by gastropaed Dr Bryan Vartebedian is very useful for info on reflux, milk protein intolerance and meds, despite the stupid title.

Pobblewhohasnotoes Wed 30-Jul-14 19:18:02

Reflux and possibly cows milk protein intolerance (in which case you'd have to cut out dairy and soya from your diet if you're bf). The eczema can be a symptom of this, my DS has it and is also on ranitidine for reflux.

Get TT checked, tilt mattress when asleep, wind regularly and keep upright for 20 mins after a feed.

Hedgehogging Wed 30-Jul-14 16:29:46

Cow's milk protein intolerance is another possibility if you have it in your diet?

BadPenny Wed 30-Jul-14 14:31:41

I'm no expert but could the problem be the blocked nose / congestion? My dc2 had a perpetually stuffy nose in the first year and it could make feeding tricky because they need to breathe through their nose when latched on. Have you tried a saline nasal spray? We used this a lot and it really helped...

Breathing through the mouth while breastfeeding could easily cause many of the symptoms you've listed. So maybe try the spray for a few days before trying anything more drastic and see if it helps?

Best of luck and biscuit well done for all you've done already...

stargirl1701 Wed 30-Jul-14 03:47:05

The TT would mean excess air is being swallowed which is causing pain. But, equally, it could be acid coming up too.

Video a feed on your phone to share with GP and HV.

Bumblebzz Wed 30-Jul-14 03:44:30

Thanks stargirl. Am going to a bf cafe tomorrow where I hope to get someone to check for TT. If no luck I will pay for a private check with a lactation consultant.
Would TT account for the pain after feeding, and the preference for falling asleep upright though?

Bumblebzz Wed 30-Jul-14 03:44:19

Thanks stargirl. Am going to a bf cafe tomorrow where I hope to get someone to check for TT. If no luck I will pay for a private check with a lactation consultant.
Would TT account for the pain after feeding, and the preference for falling asleep upright though?

stargirl1701 Wed 30-Jul-14 03:22:53

Could be posterior TT or silent reflux or both! Ranitidine would probably help the silent reflux. You'll need to find someone able to diagnose TT. The NHS aren't very good at that.

Bumblebzz Wed 30-Jul-14 03:13:12

He is EBF, I have just written down all the symptoms I can think of. HV suggested silent reflux band I have a prescription for havi axon, but I wonder if there is another underlying issue? I am taking him to a breastfeeding cafe tomorrow to rule in/out tongue tie, but I'm not even sure that that would explain all these symptoms. I feel dreadful and sad that I haven't got this sorted out sooner but with the sleep deprivation I think I haven't been thinking straight. This is my second child, had none of these issues with my first, though she did have eczema which cleared up when switching her to goats milk when she was a toddler.


Pain and unsettled after feeds (some feeds he can be ok, but others in severe griping pain with crying)
Wants to be upright, does not like lying flat (apart from first sleep of the night which is ok)
A LOT of groaning grunting stretching writhing loud swallowing and straining on his nighttime sleep
Straining to do farts/poo in the early morning
Lots of wind/explosive when doing a poo
Rarely burps even when winded for a long time
Can feel wind or bubbles in tummy when feeding
Stops mid feed and gasps for air
Milk running down side of face sometimes
Saliva bubbles/froth
All over body rash/eczema
Congestion (snoring snuffling blocked nose)
Mastitis at 5 weeks
Latch deteriorating
Weight gain from 75 to 25
Falls asleep mid feed
Seeming to lose interest in feeding at night(quick snack then sleeps). Even with nappy change doesn't wake up and feed.
Doesn't always open mouth fully
Can be woken up by pain then falls asleep on shoulder

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