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Nursing strike due to teething? Please help...

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infinitemonkeys Sun 20-Jul-14 14:16:04

Hi, I'd be really grateful for any advice as I'm feeling a bit tearful and useless. My 15 month old LO appears to be getting all his molars and canines all at once - there are loads of sharp teeth cutting through his gums and he's had a terrible night and hasn't napped today - he's obviously in a lot of pain, and Calpol and Nurofen really aren't doing much, however what's worse is that he's refusing to nurse - he won't close his mouth around my nipple and every time I've tried he just wriggles away. I know this must be because his mouth really hurts, but it's the only way I have of soothing him - he's far too heavy to rock and bounce - and I feel totally useless and unable to help him through the teething now my magical boob power has been taken away.

How can I get him to break this strike? He usually nurses around 5am, 7:30am when he gets up for the day, midday before nap time and just before bed at 7pm. He hasn't nursed since midday yesterday sad

Any and all suggestions welcomed!

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