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BF day 7 green poos (nystatin or too much fore milk?)

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LoombandsRus Sun 20-Jul-14 11:52:59

DD is 7 days old and BF. Since day 5 poos have been a seedy and dark bright green in colour rather than the mustard yellow.

Midwife reckons it is either caused by nystatin which DD started day 5 or too much foremilk and keep an eye on things for next day or so.

Thrush diagnosis without swab - white spots on back of DDs tongue which wouldn't scrape off and shooting pains in my breasts. DD has not has any nystatin for 36 hours now. My breast pain has gone, but white spots still on tongue.

Plenty wet nappies, will feed for 30mins or so. Sometimes both sides. No fussing, comes off breast seeming satisfied.

Weighed on day 5- had lost only 5% of birthweight. Bang on 10lbs at birth.

I have large nipples (says midwife) so latching on for small mouth more challenging, but since my milk has come in and feeding not quite so constant and pain gone, latch is much better and consistent. Poos smell like BF mustard poos And she does not appear to be in any pain it discomfort with the poos. Nothing funny in my diet that I can think of. I EBF DD1 for 6 months and don't remember any green poos).

Midwife has suggested expressing for ten minutes immediately before feed and then putting baby to breast to get hind milk.

Has anyone got any thoughts?

fledermaus Sun 20-Jul-14 17:53:33

I wouldn't express seeing as there isn't actually a problem.

elvislives2012 Sun 20-Jul-14 17:57:10

Interesting article
I wouldn't express as there doesn't seem to be too much of a problem, follow your baby's clues. Weight ok, feeding well, pooing. Sometimes green poo is just green poo.
I would get the white spots on the tongue re checked tho. You're doing really well tho!

eagle2010 Sun 20-Jul-14 18:00:59

Agree with fledermaus that there sounds like no need to express. Expressing unneccesarily can be a pain and can interfere with the establishment of the BF relationship. Plus you can sometimes end up producing more milk than is needed which might make baby uncomfortable.

If you Google "foremilk/hindmilk analytical armadillo" you'll find a great article about the confusion surrounding foremilk and hindmilk.

Best advice I ever got was: watch your baby. If baby is feeding well, is alert and producing adequate wet/dry nappies you're doing well with BF.

Learning to BF is like learning a dance with your baby - both of you need to practice the steps but together you'll get there.

Congratulations and enjoy all the newborn snuggles!

LoombandsRus Sun 20-Jul-14 22:30:06

Thanks all. Tiredness hormones etc contributing to self doubt. I thought that I would be more relaxed with second baby. . .

LoombandsRus Tue 19-Aug-14 09:55:33

Thought I would post a follow up on this. DD's poo turned mustardy after another couple of days. I suspect the nystatin, but we will never know. Occasionally still get a greenish one. BF going well.

Imeg Tue 19-Aug-14 10:09:04

My breastfed 5 month old has had occasional green poos - don't think they have been a sign of anything particular. There are usually only one or two green nappies though.

Vacillating Tue 19-Aug-14 10:14:07

The only thing I might do would be get another weigh in just to check your baby is now gaining and hasn't lost more since day 5 which would tell you the green is the in between poo. If baby now gaining then this definitely hasn't happened it doesn't sound likely as you sound pretty confident and green poo in itself is fine.

If you are on antibiotics they give your baby green poo?

Nystatin shouldn't and wouldn't have cleared your thrush so quickly - not sure your mw knows much about thrush maybe bf too. Wouldn't express for ten mins before each feed as your supply will go bonkers, do it for 4 days and you will have enough for twins and probably mastitis plus your baby has less chance of getting past the early milk IYSWIM. It will settle down if left alone to your babysmile

If your baby isn't transferring milk well you need to know why, sleepy ( feed more often and switch nurse), tongue tie (snip) or if getting enough milk and gain fine just watch and leavesmile

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