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a good dress to breastfeed in?

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aroha77 Sun 20-Jul-14 09:19:08

I've got a 5 week old DD. Been getting the hang of breastfeeding in public but only but layering my tops or wearing a nursing top. I've got two weddings coming up and need to buy a dress anyway as can't fit into any of mine, but I can't picture what would be a good style to breastfeed in? I tried on a nursing one in red herring last weekend and it was a ridiculously unflattering shape!
Anyone got any great suggestions?

Quivering Sun 20-Jul-14 09:21:16

Anything with a crossover neckline. Just pop your breast out to feed. If you want to cover up more, you can either wear a crop top underneath (so you pull down the dress and pull up the crop top) or wear a loose scarf (but baby might hate it).

AnythingNotEverything Sun 20-Jul-14 09:21:34

I have friends who like theMamas and Papas dresses but I find them really unflattering.

How about a wrap style with a vest under?

scandichick Sun 20-Jul-14 09:32:32

I've got a few 'normal' dresses with deep v-necks, so you can pull one side down when breastfeeding. On mobile so can't link, will try later of I get a chance.

minipie Sun 20-Jul-14 09:50:29

Anything which has a button up bodice

Anything with a crossover/wrap style

Anything with a deep cowl neck

Tube top dresses where the tube can be rolled down (though not much boob support/bra coverage)

mrsmugoo Sun 20-Jul-14 10:27:53

Instead of a dress you could consider a loose top and palazzo pants type outfit?

geekaMaxima Sun 20-Jul-14 10:48:33

I really like dresses from Dote - definitely not frumpy and don't really look like a nursing dress so can actually wear it post-bf.

I've worn this one to a wedding myself, but also like

The downside of regular wrap or button-front dresses is that you do have to bare a lot of skin (shoulder to boob) to get access - I prefer an actual nursing dress with an opening that leaves fabric above the boobline, so it's more like how I normally feed in public. smile

geekaMaxima Sun 20-Jul-14 10:49:54

proper link for second dress

RedCountryRoads Sun 20-Jul-14 14:18:09

I'm in the same boat. Have a wedding next month. I think it's going to have to be a v-neck or wrap dress. I don't like and traditional nursing dress that I've seen. Having a nursing cover will help so you can drop your dress and still be hidden. I suppose a lyrca or jersey material as well. Watching this thread with interest!

aroha77 Mon 21-Jul-14 03:04:22

Thanks everyone! Will have a look on some of those websites. Hadn't thought of wearing a vest top under a dress!

MrsGiraffe12 Mon 21-Jul-14 12:09:08

I really like the range of dresses from seraphine. I have this one it's a maternity one but doubles as a nursing one too with proper nursing access x

ElsiePartridge Wed 23-Jul-14 04:40:36

What I have started doing is taking a baggy jumper everywhere with me. Then I just pull my dress down from the front, even if I have to unzip/unbutton etc and put the jumper on to cover up. Lift up the jumper, feed DD then pull dress back up and take off jumper. It's now known as my feeding jumper lol

CruCru Wed 23-Jul-14 19:22:23

I love these people. Not cheap though.

Boob Design

Secondsop Wed 23-Jul-14 19:40:49

I like Boden wrap dresses. Also, Lands End do a faux wrap dress in cotton crepe which is great - the crossover top bit is very stretchy and quite drapey, but it does come up big size-wise so bear that in mind if ordering. I'm going to a wedding in a couple of weeks and am wearing one of the lands end dresses.

Wrap styles do involve revealing a fair bit of upper cleavage. I have a couple of beautiful silk scarves from the days when I actually had money to spend on such things and I carry one in my handbag and tuck it into my bra strap if I want more coverage. They are great for a smart occasion but a muslin does the trick just as well in fact even better as you can use them for any spit ups.

TheWiseOldElf Wed 23-Jul-14 19:45:36

I second cowl neckline. You can wear a vest/strapless top underneath to pull up or just throw a scarf over the top. I bought this for DD2's christening and it was great.

Daveface Wed 23-Jul-14 19:48:53

frugi nursing dresses

I like these from frugi. Good value in the sale and not too smart so you can wear the rest of the summer. They come up big so size down.

wm3010 Wed 23-Jul-14 19:50:56

I have a jojomamanbebe breastfeeding dress but don't really like it to be honest, tricky to " line up" the nipple with the hole in the dress, particularly when trying to deal with bra flap too. My baby is also keen on letting milk run out of her mouth sometimes and that wets the front of the dress. I have bought smart skirt and top for a wedding I'm going too, top is stretchy so I will just pull it up to feed as I do with my normal clothes. I guess my advice would be to test drive your outfit before having to use it all day at a wedding!

meganorks Fri 25-Jul-14 22:53:16

I got a lovely dress last year for a wedding at oasis. I was bf an 8wk old. It was a silk print dress that looked like it wrapped round but didn't really. Key feature though was a popper on the middle of the crossover v neck. Unpop and good to go! Was a bit shorter than i would usually go for but that wasn't the main priority. They are still doing the same style this year, but different prints.

meganorks Fri 25-Jul-14 23:02:12

I think this is the same style.

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