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Should I ask to try nutramigen?

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dramajustfollowsme Sat 19-Jul-14 22:49:01

Dd2 was put nutramigen in the neonatal unit for top ups. We were let home on a Saturday and ran out so got dh to buy lactose-free aptamil. We were then re admitted due to poor weight gain and it was agreed that she could just stay on the lactose free stuff as it is easier to buy than having to get the prescription milk.
The plan is to try and introduce dairy when she is being weaned.
She is on this as dd1 is lactose intolerant (diagnosed at 13wks). Due to being unable to bf (that is a whole other thread) they felt it best to start dd2 on dairy free straight away. Dd2 had so many other problems free arriving early that they wanted to avoid adding another problem.
I am however beginning to think she needs the nutramigen - that the lactose free stuff is hurting her.
She is doing very similar things to dd1, crying whilst feeding, screaming in pain whilst pooing, feeding in a frantic way, fighting with the bottle. Her poos are very yellow sour-smelling. I know it shouldn't smell like roses but this is stomach-churning bad. She is being a bit sick but nothing compared to dd1 and her skin is a little spotty but not very bad at all.
She takes a bottle in little bits, exhausting herself in the process. It takes an age to feed her - an hour/90 minutes to take 120mls. It is such a battle.
I can't make up my mind if I am paranoid because dd1 was so miserable for the first 13wks of her life and the change was pretty instant when we changed the milk. I don't know if dd2 is having a reaction but because the lactose has been taken out, it isn't quite as bad a reaction as her sister.
MY gut is telling me to go to the gp and change her milk. My head and the hv are telling me I'm being paranoid.
Dd1 has never managed to fully include dairy in her diet. She can have dairy in ingredients but couldn't have a slab of cheese, yoghurt or glass of milk.
The way dd2 takes her milk is just so similar to the way dd1 fed in the early days.
Do you think the gp will think I'm nuts if I go and explain this?

MissRatty Sat 19-Jul-14 23:36:43

I don't think your GP will think you are nuts, and I definitely think it's worth asking if you have any queries or concerns x

BiggerYellowTaxi Sat 19-Jul-14 23:47:38

I'm breastfeeding and have had to cut out dairy as DD has CMPI. I recognise some of your symptoms, she was really sicky early on almost projectile vomiting at times, her poos smelled awful, she had perpetual nappy rash from constant pooing and poor weight gain. All is better now I'm dairy free though she still seems to gain weight on the slow side. My HV has been lovely but keeps telling me it's all fine. I went to GP and got a referral for allergy clinic. Go with your gut, I've always known something wasn't right.

dramajustfollowsme Sun 20-Jul-14 00:08:34

Thanks! I will make an appointment. The thing is I had the opportunity when re admitted to change her milk but at that point the lactose free stuff seemed fine. It just seems that as time goes on, symptoms are increasing.
It was such a fight to be taken seriously about dd1. I practically lived in the surgery for weeks. Dd2 isn't as bad as dd1 but hers built up too.

josephine1986 Sun 20-Jul-14 13:35:58

Are yiu talking about milk allergy or lactose intolerance? If the former, lactose free milk will make no difference as still contains cows milk protein

dramajustfollowsme Mon 21-Jul-14 21:21:19

They never tested dd1 so I am still not sure if it was cmp allergy or lactose intolerance. She is still unable to take pure dairy like a glass of milk or a lump of cheese but is fine with traces of milk now, at 3yo.
Dieticians have spoken to me over the phone about her but never actually seen her.

josephine1986 Tue 22-Jul-14 19:58:17

Lactose intolerance is very rare in babies since breastmilk contains lactose. If it were me I would see my GP and request a trial of dairy free formula. You have been through it before so know what to look out for. Hope they help

ShineSmile Wed 23-Jul-14 13:47:10

It is unlikely that it is lactose intolerance, cows milk protein intolerance/allergy is much more common. I don't understand why you were given lactose free milk!

I would switch her immediately to nutramigen. Just ask GP to prescribe it saying that's what she was given in hospital and your DD is allergic too.

If your DD wasn't allergic she would be able to have lacto free milk and cheese. Can she?

leedy Wed 23-Jul-14 14:46:35

Well, you can get secondary lactose intolerance from untreated cow's milk allergy (or just from a stomach upset) - basically your poor digestive system is so inflamed that it stops being able to digest lactose properly. It's a symptom rather than a cause, though.

And yes, primary lactose intolerance is incredibly rare, and dangerous, so does sound a bit odd.

dramajustfollowsme Thu 24-Jul-14 22:16:14

We got the milk with no problem. She is taking it no bother and seems a bit more settled. It will take a while longer to get normal poos but fingers crossed now.
I had such a battle with doctors about dd1. She basically screamed for 13 weeks. sad No such battle today. The doctor was much more willing to listen to me this time, thank goodness.

ShineSmile Fri 25-Jul-14 13:01:36

That's great news OP, I hope it works for you x

Definitelysometime Sun 27-Jul-14 03:51:48

I really think my DD may have this. She's 15 weeks old and cries all day and wakes screaming v frequently at night. She has frequent foul smelling poos (very loose) and is a terrible feeder. She's very windy too. I've been to docs so many times and been through colic, reflux etc but nothing is helping. Her skin is fine though and she's not too sicky... Could it still be an allergy?

ShineSmile Sun 27-Jul-14 10:43:53

Definitely, it could be. Does she have redness around anus? Any other redness around body? Any runny nose?

Are you formula feeding or breast? If breast, then just remove dairy, soya and egg out of your diet for 2 weeks and see if you see a difference. If formula feeding, ask GP you suspect cows milk intolerance and want to try neocate.

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