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When can I stop bf my newborn at night?

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MeganAndMo Fri 18-Jul-14 20:30:27

Ds is 9 days old and has already sorted out his days and nights. He feeds well during the days waking naturally to feed every 2-4 hours and feeds last around 20mins to an hour. He cluster feeds more in the evenings. When he was weighed at 4 days old he has lost only 1% of his body weight, his birth weight was 9 pounds. Midwife is coming tomorrow to weigh.

At night he has his longest stretches of sleep and so far I have been feedig him in his sleep after 5 hours, after this feed he usually does another 5 hours or so. Should I keep doing this as a dream feed type thing (although it is around 3-5 in the morning) or should I just let him wake naturally?

feekerry Fri 18-Jul-14 21:28:05

wow that's good going!
sounds similar to my ds and as he was gaining weight v well i.left him to wake naturally.
tbh if feeding is all going well etc i would leave him to wake on his own.... but.... it will all be change soon.
if a growth spurt etc kicks in it will all change so go with the flow. ds did 4-6 hours at night as a newborn till about 11 weeks then he was up alot more.
just starting to settle again at 23 weeks.

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