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i seem to be dryng up at 2 week- help!!

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Monkeybrain10 Fri 18-Jul-14 05:10:10

I really want to bf but have had super sore nipples...midwife says it's due to me having large nipples and my ds having a really strong bite(when she unlatched him her words were "blimey he nearly took my finger off!").he tends to thrash about whilst clamped on which doesn't help.

It got so sore i was in tears for days so ended up expressing...that seemed to work...gave my nipples a rest (although what a faff!)...however he was weighed again by Mw today and he's lost weight (he's 2 weeks old today) whereas previously was gaining it. Now i've been told to feed him on the boob (ouch it is really sore like being jabbed with needles as he sucks) then feed him anything i have expressed then express but i just don't seem to have anything to express. I know i'm doing it right cause it had been working fine for the last week i'vegone from expressing 40-60ml in half hour to barely 5ml.
I have a hungry baby losing weight and hurty nipples (have nipple guards..not worked well, purple lanolin and have tried both manual and electric pumps..manual seems more effective).
Help! Any advice?

Sephy Fri 18-Jul-14 05:17:55

If you google "hands on pumping" the first result whih is from Stanford gives advice on how to maximise expressing output and I found it really helpful.

Not sure if I'm reading this right, but you're bound to be able to express less if you're expressing after a bf when before you were exclusively expressing, after all your baby has taken out a load of milk for you.

Have you had your baby examined for tongue tie? That can cause pain and stop the baby getting enough milk from you directly. Often mws and Hvs are not trained to notice them all and only pick up very obvious ones, could you get to a special breastfeeding support group or la leche league meeting where you might find more expert help?

And finally, well done for persevering so far, you're doing a great job for your little one.

Monkeybrain10 Fri 18-Jul-14 08:59:19

Thank sephy. He was checked for tongue tie in hospital so hopefully that's not the issue...also until a couple of days ago he was gaining weight well. Re; the expressing...for example this morning i have just fed baby on one boob and he went back to sleep so i've been trying to express from the other one but am getting virtually nothing :-( that's what i don't understand. A few days ago my other boob would have literally been dripping?

geekaMaxima Fri 18-Jul-14 14:13:26

until a couple of days ago he was gaining weight well.

So his weight gain was fine until 2 days ago, but between 2 days ago and today he has lost weight? If the weight loss really only showed up over a 2-day gap, then it could easily be a difference in timing that produced the difference. If baby did a large wee or poo shortly before being weighed today, then that could look like weight loss compared to a couple of days ago, when really it's not.

Have you noticed a drop in the number of dirty nappies in the last couple of days? If not, could you have him weighed again in a few days to see if he is really losing weight? A gap of a week gives a more reliable picture of weight gain (or loss, as the case may be). If baby is otherwise well, it's usually best not to make any big decisions solely on the basis of a 2-day window of weight gain.

Jenny70 Fri 18-Jul-14 14:21:21

Best way to build supply is to take baby to bed and feed on demand. Difficult if your nipples are sore though. The more milk you orbaby take, the mord you make.

It is common for breasts to soften and not feel as full, body adjusts supply to what is needed. Is baby settled, content? If you take the weight measurement out of it, would you feel worried?

If baby doesn't seem as content, I'd try to feed more often to build supply. If baby happy, I'd try to feed off less sore side and expresst the sorer side.

Good luck, you're in the hardest bit, it will get easier

tiktok Fri 18-Jul-14 14:46:51

Gosh, this is quite complex...geeka is right about the possibility of weights not being correct, but if your baby is actually losing weight it does indicate action needs to be taken...a reweight soon would be a good idea, weighing your baby naked, on good quality scales. A week is too long to leave it. You need to have an accurate, up to date measurement.

Is there another level of bf help you can access? A bf specialist who you could see? An experienced breastfeeding counsellor (this is beyond a peer supporter's brief)? A lactation consultant?

The lack of milk with expressing could be technique or a faulty pump action - hand expressing may well be a good idea.

Don't let this drift - speak to the midwife about more specialist help.

Monkeybrain10 Fri 18-Jul-14 21:04:44

The midwife is coming again tmrw to reweigh. I've fed him on demand all day today..on the boob ..getting v sore now! But he's literally been feeding for 20mins in every hour which makes me think he's not getting enough milk. Re expressing i seemed to be ok with it for about 5 days then yesterday struggled to get anything at all which is why i was concerned.

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