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Flucloxacillin and Fucidin for thrush?

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estya Thu 17-Jul-14 20:53:53

For a while, a few weeks really its been painful while bf-ing and for a few hours after feeding I get pain deep in my breasts and very sore nipples. Tuesday pm I noticed a small white head spot on each side of ds's mouth, right in the corner.
So I saw a dr today. There are no sore lumps in my breasts and my lymph nodes are normal. The skin on the underside of my nipple is sore looking. Although I've been on a bit of a low ebb, I can't say I'm ill and have no temperature.
I've been prescribed Flucloxacillin and she has given Fucidin for ds.

Does this sound right to you experts? We have had Fucidin previously for infected eczema (bacteria infection) so I was surprised to get it for a fungal infection. And the dreaded google search seems to say that people are prescribed Flucloxacillin for mastitis, which i don't think i have the symptoms for.

leedy Fri 18-Jul-14 11:36:21

That sounds a bit weird, those are both treatments for a bacterial infection - flucloxacillin is the standard antibiotic for mastitis, and, as you say, fucidin is an antibiotic cream for infected skin. Did your doctor say that or why he/she thought you had a bacterial infection?

Obviously if you do have a bacterial infection those would help enormously but if you have thrush they would do absolutely nothing and might make it worse. Can you get a second opinion?

estya Fri 18-Jul-14 23:26:03

Thanks leedy, yes, i got a second opinion today. The new dr confirmed it's thrush and we got a much more sensible prescription.

Yorkie78 Sat 19-Jul-14 01:16:49

What did they give you? I have spent 2.5 months being treated for thrush with canestan, daktacort, Fluconozole, lotriderm and have self medicated with grapefruit seed extract, probiotics and a sugar and carb free diet. And I still have the nipple thrush to a lesser degree. A breast consultant has said notoriously tricky to treat and often only goes when stop bf. btw, baby has graduated from Nystin to Daktarin.

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