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Lactose free milk for colicky baby???

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busybee123 Wed 31-Mar-04 09:12:03

My ds2 is very very colickly throughout the whole day. I read somewhere about lactose free milk helping? anyone else know of this of tried it? my dd had a milk intolerance til she was one, so i wondered if ds2 might be? HELP!!

kiwisbird Wed 31-Mar-04 09:21:24

I think you will have to seek medical advice, be warned the lactose free ones taste awful and have you have to be proved intolerant before being prescribed them, You can use soya instead without prescription but I would def check with a dietician first or doctor, its quite a big step.
Start with your GP

PipBeckett Wed 31-Mar-04 09:26:35

My ds2 (4 months) is on lactose free milk because of an intolerance. But when I was researching his symptoms I discovered that a lactose intolerance can mean severe colic and cronic wind. It is definitley worth giving it a try because you don't like seeing your baby suffering. Another thing you can try is baby massage. There is a particular stroke which is supposed to help relieve colic. Some HV are trained in baby massarge and might be able to help.

Have a look at this link for SMA LF. It explains what it is and why you might need it. Hope this helps. Good luck.

louloubelle Sun 04-Apr-04 18:57:30

My breast fed baby was colicky in the evening when she was first born, and I took her to a cranial osteopath at 9 days, and then every week for 3 weeks. He suggested I cut out dairy and chocolate, which I was gutted about as I love cheese! I did replace my cereal milk with soya milk, which was surprisingly acceptable, and cut down on cheese etc, although still had milk in my tea and butter on toast. Not sure which of the things helped, ie the osteopath or dairy reduction, but there was definitely a difference within a day or so. It is worth a try with soya milk IMO. I gradually reintroduced diary after a few weeks, and was back to normal consumption after 8 weeks, and she is no longer colicky, although I'm sure it was an age related thing as well. Hope this helps!

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