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leaving ebf DS with ILs - should i leave some formula in case?

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enormouse Fri 11-Jul-14 11:07:20

Dp and I are going away overnight next Tuesday (leaving early, coming back on Wednesday). It's a birthday present for Dp organised by his parents and they've kindly offered to have both boys (DS1 - 2.7 and DS2 - nearly 6 months).

Last night was really bad with DS2 and he was fractious and up on the hour. I'm now worried my expressed milk won't be enough to last him the day. He is weaned and on 3 meals so he shouldn't need as much milk as he used to. Before the last few nights he was only up twice/three times. I'll have expressed about 8 bags of milk by the time I leave but I'm starting to waver on going away.

Is that enough milk?
Should I leave a few cartons of formula just in case?

NorahBone Fri 11-Jul-14 15:24:16

8 bags seems like plenty, but if it would help your peace of mind definitely get the cartons. When I went back to work I thought a small bottle of ebm would be enough but we got a carton of formula just in case and he necked the lot. The cartons last a while unopened anyway.

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