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14 month old bobbing from one breast to the other every few minutes - could my milk be drying up?

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Havingkittens Tue 17-Jun-14 21:59:38

As it says in the title. In the last few weeks he has been doing this, and not feeding for very long during the morning feed like he used to. I am only breast feeding 2-4 times a day now and was on a course of antibiotics a couple of weeks ago too. Could my milk supply be on its way out?

MrsLettuce Tue 17-Jun-14 22:03:40

Is your period due or could you be pregnant? Both those things caused that sort of fussing with my two.

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Tue 17-Jun-14 22:04:24

I think they just realise they can swap sides and get a new let down. grin DD is older but has swapped constantly from 12 months.

Havingkittens Tue 17-Jun-14 22:20:06

Neither of the above, as far as I know. Maybe it's because he's teething on one side and trying to find a comfortable angle. Just curious as I wasn't intending to give up just yet.

mawbroon Wed 18-Jun-14 14:00:51

Urgh, that has just reminded me! I had forgotten all about this behaviour at that age which drove me completely nuts!!

Both mine did it for no apparent reason

Havingkittens Wed 18-Jun-14 22:51:17

I'm wondering if it may just be one of those "I'm the one in control of this situation" things they seem to get about eating at this age. He's a bugger with meals too at the moment.

LikeCandy Sat 21-Jun-14 20:10:12

My 15mo just started doing this too!
She also wants both boobs out and available (!!) so she can swap between them

mindalina Sat 21-Jun-14 20:13:08

oh yes i have a 15m one that does this too, mine definitely does it to be a pain grin

MissMilbanke Sat 21-Jun-14 20:17:25

One of mine did this. He fussed and fussed with my left boob at 9 months head butting and pulling and when I gave in and offered him the right he was fine. I always offered the left side first as he was only 9 months and I didn't want to stop bf but he made he decision to self wean a few weeks later

WaveorCheer Sat 21-Jun-14 20:32:44

My oldest did this, and now my youngest is doing it too. SO fecking annoying. But they care not a jot grin

No relation to self-weaning here chance would be a fine thing

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