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Nausea after breastfeeding??

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Secondsop Tue 17-Jun-14 16:20:33


First, huge thanks to those esp tiktok who've helped me with the feeding difficulties I've been having with my 3 week old - he was weighed yesterday and is now on an upward track following some top ups of expressed milk and formula so although we're not out of the woods yet, we are getting there.

I have a new one for you: sometimes I feel nauseous after breastfeeding! It feels a bit like the start of a bug or pregnancy nausea. Is this a thing?

CoffeeBucks Tue 17-Jun-14 16:24:47

Might it be dehydration? Make sure you're drinking enough fluids.

Secondsop Tue 17-Jun-14 16:38:07

Good point coffeebucks. I have a large bottle of water next to me at all times but especially in the hot weather I might not be drinking enough.

CoffeeBucks Tue 17-Jun-14 18:30:07

Yes, in this weather I think the average person is meant to drink around 2 litres a day, so with feeding I would probably think you need more than that.

How often is he feeding? Make sure you have a glass of water during/after each feed, including at night.

Also congratulations smile thanks

Secondsop Tue 17-Jun-14 18:37:11

He feeds frequently - I would say 12 times a day, some longer feeds and some little snacky ones. He doesn't normally go longer than 2 hours without wanting a longish feed. (He's also on formula top ups because he's had poor weight gain).

My bottle of water is 1.5l and I'm definitely clearing one of those a day but I'm larger than the average person so I think I do need more.

OlyRoller Tue 17-Jun-14 18:38:50

It might be low blood sugar. Try eating something rich in protein, some nuts or cheese, before you bf.

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