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Is this 4 month regression?

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StretchyCat Tue 17-Jun-14 14:45:37

My ds has always been a bad sleeper, hard to settle in his cot and usually sleeps on me from around 5am. However until this past week he was getting a 4-6 stretch and then going down for another couple of hours which is great for him.

He's 16 weeks and for the past week or so his sleep as been awful (just a couple of good nights) he wakes every 1-2 hours and has gone from one overnight feed (ebf) to at least three. He seems v unsettled and thrashes around a lot both in his cot and when he's on me. I've ended up with him on me from 2am a couple of nights now.

He's not feeding as often in the day now (every 3-4 hours on demand) so could he be hungry at night or is this that regression thing I keep hearing about? Will he ever sleep through the night blush

feekerry Tue 17-Jun-14 20:07:21

i have had similar for last 2 weeks. ds is 19 weeks old. he was doing 4-5 hour stretches in cot and settling v well but now he is exactly like you say. thrashes around,tries to roll over etc. he has slept in with me last 2 weeks but he faffs all night. he point blank refuses his cot now. oh the joys.
sure its down to teething and developmental stuff.
sure dd was the same about this age and now at 2 she sleeps amazing so it doesn't last. tho its awful at the time.
thinking of moving ds to the other side of the room as i can't put up with his thrashing for much longer

StretchyCat Thu 19-Jun-14 07:44:16

I hope it goes soon! I've started putting him down to sleep right next to me after the first good spell in the cot (by goodI mean 2 hours!) he seems less thrashy but keeps trying to roll in and snuggle really close to me which makes me worried and stops me from sleeping!

Hopefully they'll grow out if it soon.

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