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Breastfeeding - vitamin/mineral supplements?

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Imeg Mon 16-Jun-14 13:19:38

For the first few months of breastfeeding I used up some pregnacare tablets I had lying around because I couldn't take them when nauseous during pregnancy and they say for breastfeeding on them so I didn't think they'd do any harm. I've finished them now and just wondered whether I am supposed to continue to take anything while breastfeeding (baby is 3 months). I have an ok diet but probably not as nutritious/varied as it could be.

ShineSmile Mon 16-Jun-14 13:36:37

If I were you I would, and also give vitamin drops to your LO too.

My DD is 1 and had a blood test for other reasons and is anaemic and low in vitamin D. I wish I had taken vitamins from the start and given them to her too.

leedy Mon 16-Jun-14 13:43:36

Whether you take them or not won't make much difference to your milk, you don't need to take anything (you can basically produce completely nutritious milk on a diet of chicken nuggets, if you feel so inclined). The main reason you might want to take a supplement is for you if you're feeling a bit run down - your body will basically prioritize milk over your needs, so if your diet is a bit low on things it'll affect you more than anything else.

clairedunphy Mon 16-Jun-14 13:57:52

My DD is 4 months and I'm taking pregnacare for breastfeeding, which I moved onto after my pregnancy ones ran out. Not sure if I really need most of the vits but just playing it safe. I've cut out a lot of dairy to help with DD's reflux so figure it's worth it for the calcium alone.

Re vitamin drops, I checked this recently and apparently bf babies need a vit D supplement if you didn't take one yourself in pregnancy. If you did, they will have enough until they're 6mths. After that if you continue to bf with no formula then they need the drops.

Formula contains vit D so no need for supplements.

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