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Growth spurt @10 days?

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Mrspedro Mon 16-Jun-14 12:43:40

Dd feeds brilliantly roughly every 2hrs but with the last 12hours has been attached to my boob ( she literally has been off for about an hour broken up)....I'm trying to figure if it's a growth spurt or if she's simply using it for comfort....not much I can so about it either way-just keep going but I'm curious I suppose. She feeds for 5mins, sleeps for ten (still latched) and repeats the cycle.
Obviously as a result I'm very tired, I'm a light sleeper and find it difficult to drift off with her latched on. Dh is back to work next wk and I'm starting to dread it...everyone thinks their helpful in suggesting setting up a nursing station th remote, magazine etc but in reality I'll have 6 other kids running around (school term finishes here next wk!) and it's pretty impossible do absolutely nothing, iv a sling is I'll use that, it's just the lack of zzzz that's the killer ��

tiktok Mon 16-Jun-14 13:17:05

There's no evidence for growth spurts happening at specific times - otherwise we'd see 'spikes' in the growth charts smile

All babies have periods when they feed more intensively. It really doesn't matter if it's because of a need to grow more at that time, or because they need more comfort at that time. The need for nutrition and the need for comfort are equally important to the baby, and probably feel the same to him/her smile

Mrspedro Mon 16-Jun-14 17:51:18

Thanks tiktok... Yes your right it doesn't matter at all. Utter curiosity on my part. My boobs haven't felt entirely full in a few days but I'm assuming that's because she's feeding so much? She's still getting enough...well lots of wet nappies, yellow poo and no crying or fussing....I know I'm whinging for nothing, we'r lucky it's going well..... But I'd adore 2hrs sleep !!!

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