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should I go back on domperidone it trust my supply will return?

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SaggyAndLucy Mon 16-Jun-14 11:30:15

Do is 15 weeks. It's been very stressful right from the start with her health problems and hospital stays so I needed to boost my supply with domperidone. It worked great, I've expressed 100%for her and have a good stock of frozen milk.
However, after an impromptu hospital stay and running out of domperidone I've not taken any for about 5 days. supply has definitely dwindled. One side in particular is down from 150-200 mls a time to 40 at the last attempt.
should I go back on the domperidone or just keep pumping as often as I can to build supply? is this going to work? I'm going to have to start using the frozen as things are going! sad

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