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Cows milk v formula

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Cordial Mon 16-Jun-14 08:48:13

I recently switched my dd (13 mo) onto cows milk and more recently still dropped the afternoon feed . She has been sleeping poorly since she started at nursery e.g waking at 4am for milk and being restless in the night. But now I'm wondering is it the milk change not nursery causing the sleep disruption!

So is cows milk much less calorific? Should I add back the afternoon bottle or do formula b4 bed?

Has anybody had a similar experience?
(She was bf for 9 months if that makes any difference! )

leedy Mon 16-Jun-14 09:49:11

Whole cow's milk is only marginally less calorific than formula, so I don't think that would be the issue:

I'd say the change of starting nursery (possibly combined with something like teething or a developmental spurt) is much more likely to have disrupted sleep.

Cordial Mon 16-Jun-14 17:52:49

Thanks Leedy

Such a relief I've long since pronounced follow on milk to be a marketing ploy ( with no personal experience ) pleased I needn't eat my words !

I'm going to reintroduce the afternoon feed and try encourage more eating!

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