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A million tiny poos

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Haahoooo Sun 15-Jun-14 18:42:47

Well, it feels like a million anyway. DS (8 wks,bf) is going through 15-20 nappies a day. He does lots of small poos. They're the right colour (grainy yellow) but just very frequent.

I'm not concerned really - he's a picture of health - but just a bit tired of spending my life, day and night, changing him! DH thinks it might be due to failure to wind properly (we only get a burp every other feed roughly) and resulting farts, but I'm inclined to think it is just one of the baby phases.

Any thoughts?

meringue33 Sun 15-Jun-14 18:46:08

Our LO was like this for months. He is 17 mo and now only poos about 3x a day. I think some babies are just more frequent confused

Tonicandgin Sun 15-Jun-14 18:55:20

If he's happy, I'd be inclined to think it's normal. My dd always pooed about 5-6 times a day until about 4 months.

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Haahoooo Sun 15-Jun-14 23:21:45

Thanks both. I'm inclined to believe it is normal too.

Just wondering if it is worth investing lots more effort in winding in an effort to reduce farting - I'm a bit sceptical about that as it didn't seem to make much difference with DD when she was a baby and now doesn't seem to make much difference with DS either - they both just burp when they feel like it / you least expect it.

The silver lining of these many poos is that at least DS loves having his nappy changed so it keeps both of us busy and one of us highly entertained... confused

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