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Stopping breastfeeding at 1 year - any tips?

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meganorks Sun 15-Jun-14 12:42:42

DD2 is 1 in a few weeks and I want to stop breastfeeding asap, but by then definitely. Just wondering if anyone has any tips? With DD1 I stopped at 13 months as we went away for a few days and seemed like a natural time to stop. But she was easier as she only fed morning and bedtime and would take a bottle.

DD2 doesn't feed in the day but she does usually wake at some point between 3.30-4.30am and then I feed her then. And often she is then in bed with us and waking every 1.5-2 hours and feeding back to sleep.

My plan at the moment is to offer a bottle or cup with cows milk if she wakes at this time and persist in putting her back in her own bed. But she is a bad sleeper and bottle refuser and at this time in the morning I am worried I will give in!

Then at bedtime I think I am going to start feeding her in with her sister while she has a story and then put to bed after so won't feed to sleep, then once she is on board with this swap to bottle or cup.

Any tips or advice though? She isn't a great sleeper, she is no good at settling herself, she isn't eating to well at the moment (she started refusing to be spoon fed but I think I have this sussed now) and is often exhausted at night because she has resisted a nap in the afternoon.

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