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should I take the anti-biotics?

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sleepy78 Fri 13-Jun-14 19:24:09

Hi, need some help to decide...
I have a 7 week old and am breast feeding, and giving supplements by bottle when needed. I went to the doctors yesterday because the day before, my breast started to be sore and lumpy and I had a terrible headache and slight temperature. The doctor that I saw was a stand-in and spent 15 minutes telling me that she had never seen a case like that before and searching on her computer to find a remedy. I think maybe she is newly qualified.
She then gave me some antibiotics and told me that I will have to pump milk and throw it away for a week.
I didn't start the medicine yet because I was unsure that she knew what she was talking about and today I have no temperature and no headache. However, it is still sore and slightly pink. My arm aches a bit too... Dr. Google has taught me that perhaps it could be a blocked duct and I could keep feeding to unblock it?

So, should I take the medicine or wait a bit longer to see if it clears? I should point out that I am abroad and so the medicine might be a bit different to ones given in England. Also, if I give DD a bottle only for a week, will she still take want to breastfeed afterwards?


fledermaus Fri 13-Jun-14 19:26:53

It sounds bizarre that you would need to pump and dump milk. What are the antibiotics called?

Sounds possibly like you might have mastitis?

ShergarAndSpies Fri 13-Jun-14 19:31:14

The breastfeeding network is v good for checking which medications are safe for BFing.

They have a list of antibiotics here:

And if you have any concerns they have a phone number you can call and speak to a pharmacist who specialises in BF friendly meds.

I'd check to see if your antibiotics are on the safe list. If yes if take them, if not I'd get an appointment for tomorrow with another doctor and take the list with you.

Good luck

sleepy78 Fri 13-Jun-14 19:32:26

It's called cloxacilline? Don't know if it's the same in English.
I asked at the pharmacy (who are often more helpful than my doctor TBH) and they said that it's always the way here, so that the baby doesn't have any of the medicine.

sleepy78 Fri 13-Jun-14 19:35:15

Thanks Shergar
It maybe on the list under another name. The little paper in the box does actually say that it is safe and that the baby might just get a bit of diarrhoea. But now that the doctor said to stop, my husband doesn't want me to breastfeed at the same time. Plus I would feel like I was giving the baby unnecessary medication.

fledermaus Fri 13-Jun-14 19:49:19

This is a database of drugs in breastmilk, Lactmed -

It says cloxacilline is safe to take when breastfeeding too.

Personally if I needed the antibiotics I would take them, there's no need to dump milk and I would find it impossible to express and bottle feed for a while week - that sounds totally unrealistic to me.

sleepy78 Fri 13-Jun-14 19:59:50

That's what I'm worried about fledermaus. Thanks for the link.

Spotsondots Fri 13-Jun-14 20:36:05

Sorry that you're feeling poorly. If you had mastitis (and it sounds like you probably do) I would strongly recommend continuing to breastfeed if you are able to. It will help to clear up the mastitis more quickly. It sounds like the antibiotics are safe so provided they are I would take those, too. Get well soon smile

sleepy78 Fri 13-Jun-14 20:44:50

Thanks spots, that's kind
I just have to persuade all these french people that I'm doing the right thing!

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