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Reflux and wind

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Wishbabycouldtalk Thu 12-Jun-14 16:50:28

Wondering if I'm alone with these issues... Any advice greatly appreciated!

My 12 week old piglet has always been a tummy achy baby, was 5 1/2 weeks early, small but healthy. Started off bf, quickly moved to combination feeding for convenience (also, he didn't get bf to start with, had to use nipple shields then wean him off them). Then have been gradually moving to fully ff as he was always ravenous and used to chew me when latching on...

ANYWAY, tummy got worse, Infacol didn't do much, eventually he would only sleep being held, then tummy down on my chest. Was very nervous sleeping like this to start with, but he would wake up screaming after 10 minutes of sleeping on his back.

When I went to the GP, he agreed it sounded like reflux, and we were prescribed Gaviscon. Seemed to help at first, then stopped after a few days, just kaput. Went back to GP, was told to try Colief in case it was a lactose intolerance. I still thought it was reflux, but I could see the GP's line of thought-maybe we're treating the wrong problem. Absolutely diddly squat. Tried Cow&Gate Anti-Reflux milk- he was a happier baby instantly!

That was nearly a week ago, started getting him to learn to sleep alone again, all great... But now he wakes up with painful trapped gas instead. Really struggling to do big farts, no matter how much he's winded and how many burps he does. So he's back to wanting to sleep on me.

Spoken to HV, as am now trying Infacol again alongside C&G reflux milk, she recommended Dr Brown bottles, have ordered some today, but little piglet is in such a ad mood. He is currently asleep laying across me with his belly against mine. He's a terrible napper, this is the only way together him to sleep enough, except when we're out and about. I can't keep having him sleep on me, it did my back in before.

I know this is really long and rambling,but I just hope some of you will be stuck with a baby on you like me, and have the time to read this! Any suggestions, anything at all would be appreciated, I want my happy little boy back

Wishbabycouldtalk Thu 12-Jun-14 16:53:54

Forgot to mention, we have now stopped bf, as he would always just throw it up where it was too thin to stay down. He's also been to an osteopath/chiropractor. Am very skeptical, but am going back tomorrow anyway. Had lots of recommendations for her, even from my HV, will try anything!

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