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Soya formula??

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SarahS12345 Wed 11-Jun-14 14:31:27

My 7 month old DS has been confirmed (RAST test) as having a cows milk protein allergy. We've been prescribed neocate but he won't take it (in any form, bottle or even on cereal). Frankly I don't blame his - it is really sour. I struggle to express and even when I have squeezed some out, he doesn't drink it.

I really need to get him on a bottle before I go back to work and am wondering about trying soya. My DD also had CMP allergy and the dietician recommended soya formula (she never drank it though!)

I know there have been concerns about soya formula. DS is not allergic to soya so that is not an issue, but there seem to be worries that it contains estrogen like proteins that may cause hormonal problems. Is there any concrete evidence for this? Presumably there have been trials as soya formula has been around for decades? If there is a real issue, why is it on sale?

Just trying to establish if there is a genuine risk with giving him soya as it is my last option. Not planning to stop breastfeeding completely and it would just be the odd bottle. I have an essential work trip (3 days) when he will be 13 months so will need to have some form of milk replacement by then.

Thanks all

josephine1986 Wed 11-Jun-14 17:29:29

Someone will proba ly correct me but i recall that the concerns re soya formula are for before 6 months

emmylou157 Sun 15-Jun-14 22:10:17

Hi, soya formulas are not recommended for babies under 6 months bold the phytooestrogens in the formula mimic oestrogen in the body (hence why soya can help n the menopause) and there are concerns they may affect sexual development. Are you sure its the formula and not bottle refusal?dd1 had a cows milk protein allergy but also completely refused bottles. Have you tried neocate in a cup? I would get another referral to a dietitian as they may be able to suggest an alternative to neocate. If you are not planning on using soya for full nutrition the risks are going to be reduced and if he won't take the other formulas it may be your only option and at 13 months you will probably be OK.

misscph1973 Sun 15-Jun-14 22:30:19

I used to drink loads of soy milk and give it to my DCs when we were vegatarian, but I wish I hadn't. I don't think it will kill anyone, but soy milk is just not great. You are right about the hormones, not good for boys! The only way I would ingest any soy would be fermented, like soy sauce.

Have you tried sheeps or goats milk? Many milk allergy sufferers can tolerate this.

When you DS is 13 months, he would probably survive without a milk replacement. if it's only for 3 days, I would personally not worry about it. Stock or bouillon (preferably home made) could be an alternative if he likes a warm drink? Presumably he will eat some solids by 13 months?

Having said all the above, 3 days of soy milk probalby won't harm him, if you really want to give him a milk alternative.

gracegrape Sun 15-Jun-14 22:42:29

It's not ideal but have you tried flavouring the neocate with anything? When I started giving it to DD1 I read about people who had flavoured it with milkshake powder/syrup to get their babies to drink it, then gradually reduced the amount. Luckily DD1 took it without needing this, but I had a friend whose baby refused to drink it so she mixed it with a bit of mango puree and had some success (and not quite so unhealthy as milkshake!) I think you can also try vanilla extract - not the one with alcohol in.

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