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Breastfeeding second time round? Easy weight loss

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Iwantiwantiwant Mon 09-Jun-14 14:34:18

I ebf my Ds1 for approx 1 year when I fell pregnant again. Totally loved the bond we had. I lost the baby weight fairly easily but didn't gain that much through pregnancy with the first, now pregnant with dc2, I have already gained what I did full term at 31 weeks, and still have 9 weeks left.
Just wondering whether people found it easier or harder to loss 2nd time around?

flipflopsonfifthavenue Mon 09-Jun-14 14:44:33

watching with interest - currently 18 wks pg with DC2. Bfed DS for 18 months, and although I didn't lose all my baby weight, bfeeding def helped me stay the same, and if I hadn't been bfing, I'd have been the size of a house. In fact, as soon as I stopped, I ballooned... Plan second time round is to bfeed myself skinny ;) and given how am piling on the weight this pregnancy, am going to need it...

fledermaus Mon 09-Jun-14 14:50:45

I put on more weight breastfeeding than I did pregnant.

Haahoooo Mon 09-Jun-14 16:10:22

I'm bf DC2 at the moment. He's 7 weeks and DD is 21 months. My weight is dropping really fast, partly due to DS being a big and very hungry baby, and partly due to the fact that I'm running after DD smile. Not sure it will last but only a few kg to go to pre-pg weight.

PastaandCheese Mon 09-Jun-14 16:44:01

Back to pre pregnancy weight much quicker second time as there's no time to sit around and eat with two to look after.

DS is 3 months old and my pre pregnancy jeans are hanging off me.

I think it is a combination of breastfeeding, being so busy and pushing a double pram.

marmitelover Mon 09-Jun-14 16:57:50

I've found I've slimmed quite well 2nd time round but have a much flobbier belly as it has been stretched so much nowgrin

marmitelover Mon 09-Jun-14 17:02:07

I've found I've slimmed quite well 2nd time round but have a much flobbier belly as it has been stretched so much nowgrin

Iwantiwantiwant Tue 10-Jun-14 07:22:35

Thank you for all your reply's, guess I'll have to wait and see but hopefully this pregnancy weight will come off!

weebairn Tue 10-Jun-14 07:54:42

I lost all the baby weight but it took a while - nearly a year. I did lots of exercise and ate healthily, but no dieting. I exclusively breastfed, she never had formula at all. I was a bit disheartened it took so long to lose the weight when you hear so many stories of people losing it so quick, but when I finally got there I was really happy about it all and at a good size for me, a sorta 8-10 and my stomach and boobs actually looked the same as ever in the end. Then I immediately got pregnant again…

DD has just stopped feeding a few weeks ago at 20 months, I'm 24 weeks pregnant now. I don't really know if the breastfeeding helped me lose weight or not. People seem to vary a lot.

I think I am about 1 or 2 weeks ahead where I was last time I was pregnant in terms of size but it's hard to be sure! I don't weigh myself… I don't think I'm massive and didn't have a bump till 17 weeks really.

This time I hope I can relax a bit more after birth and just trust my body, that if i eat well and keep active (like pastaandcheese says there won't be any option to stay still anyway!) it will all come off in time, and try not to compare myself to the lucky sods ladies who lose it so easily and quickly! grin

AmberSweet Fri 13-Jun-14 11:38:35

My Ds2 is 6 weeks old and breastfeeding with usually a bottle of the ready made formula at some point during the day so DP can feed him. I will eventually cut this out but suffered really badly with thrush a couple of weeks ago and could pump due to the pain.

I gained about 14lbs during my pregnancy and have so far lost 8lbs. I haven't been dieting just trying to eat healthily when I can (It helps that I love salads, seafood etc) but actually I've still been eating biscuits, chocolate etc when I fancy it (usually whilst feeding).

I think the breastfeeding has definitely been a major factor in helping me lose the weight so far. It definitely helped after I had DS1 when it honestly just fell off me within about 2 weeks but I also contribute that to my age also (teenage pregnancy).

I honestly think everyone is different!

AmberSweet Fri 13-Jun-14 11:39:50

I forgot to add also that with ds1 I was tiny, very compact bump and didn't seem to put weight on anywhere else. This time around I was still quite lucky but my bump was definitely much bigger and I out weight on around my thighs and bum.

meganorks Sat 14-Jun-14 20:09:28

I think I have lost more second time due to running round after toddler as well as breastfeeding. In fact all in all I think I am nearly stone and a half lighter post kids than I was before I had any. Who knew?!

gemmal88 Sun 15-Jun-14 08:38:55

I'm breastfeeding my second at the moment and he's 4 weeks old. I put on around 4st with both pregnancies (ate for two!) and with the first I didn't loose much and ended up putting on more in the first year!

This time round I'm finding feeding much easier and I've lost a stone in 3 weeks. I've been eating healthily this time round though!

johull Sun 15-Jun-14 14:03:43

Question from a preemie mummy. I have a very little baby (4lb) struggling to b/feed but I express every. Single. Feed! Will I still lose the weight someone who has just breastfed would? Thanks in advance.

SicknSpan Sun 15-Jun-14 21:46:54

With ds1 my weight just melted away over the first 12 weeks, plus a bit more- I was the slimmest I've ever been and felt amazing. Big hungry boy. Ds2- I held onto every.single.pound until I finished breast feeding him. 2 sodding years. Then it came off steadily with a bit of being careful over the next 6 months. Think it's because I was so much tireder than with ds1 (Ds2 was a rubbish sleeper in comparison) so I'd eat sugary stuff just to keep going. He only started sleeping more than 4 hours at a time once I stopped bfing.

Ds3 is 2 weeks old today and I put on 2 stone when pregnant, only got 5 lbs to go- yippee! Am a size 16-18 normally and am back in my "skinny" jeans already (nowt skinny about them sadly!)

SicknSpan Sun 15-Jun-14 21:51:05

johull you are made of stern stuff. That sounds a really taxing routine. I would think it's the same calorie wise- no expert though and happy to be corrected by someone with better information! How old is your baby?

johull Mon 16-Jun-14 01:53:02

She is 37 weeks but broke out early and has been out for 3 weeks. We had a few issues and were in neonatal for a while so we were brain washed into expressing on all her feeds!

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