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Slow weight gain

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superseagull Fri 06-Jun-14 17:34:08

Hi all, I am hoping for some advice please. Dd was. 6lbs when she was born she then lost 6% of her weight - but regained it and the MW was happy. However she is now 6 weeks and was weighed by the HV at 7lbs 2oz yesterday. The HV is concerned and wants me to introduce a formula feed - however I have been exclusively breastfeeding, and I'd like to continue. I'm concerned of the impact a formula feed would have on my supply, when she is feeding I can hear her swallowing and she comes off content so it feels as though she is getting enough. She has recently been put on gaviscon for reflux which has helped her do you gave any suggestions other than the formula to try and get her weight up?

The other concern I have is that the HV's mobile scales are not accurate - she was weighed on 2 consecutive days ( HV and the hospital) and there was a 4lb difference, HV's were the heavier - I did discuss it with her but she dismissed it as not a problem - I'm concern that if we use other scales it's going to look like we have lost 4lbs and they will become even more concerned. Any suggestions on how to deal with that?

and finally (!) a few minutes after breastfeeding my nipples blanch and seem to drain of blood and are painful. They are also very sensitive to clothes touching them or temperature. I've had my latch checked and it seems good.. My dr suggested today that it was a blood circulation issue but didn't seem to know how to do anything to help... Does anyone have any experience of this? And suggestions or tips?

Sorry for the long post and no doubt lots of spelling mistakes!!
Thanks in advance

helen8235 Fri 06-Jun-14 18:36:39

What about introducing an expressed feed? If you want to avoid bottles can give it via supplemental nursing system which is about £30 from medela. Altho would still give it after a feed not as a separate feed. Also always offer both sides and do breast compressions during feeds if you aren't already. Altho my dd was always content at end of feed and has ended up on lots of formula now due to weight issues but think you are doing much better than we were, at 6 weeks she was just back to birth weight. From point of view if nipples agree prob circulation problem if isn't latch but not sure what you can do hopefully someone else will have experience of this.

MissRatty Fri 06-Jun-14 21:10:24

Definitely try expressing and giving that as top ups, it helped us regain our birth weight very quickly. Sadly there is something else going on and that's where the fast weight gain ended! But it is dooable, the only thing is that it feels like you are constantly either feeding or expressing.

Worth going to a BF cafe and having your latch etc., checked as well x

highlove Fri 06-Jun-14 21:31:51

Sorry have I got this right - the weight varied by 4lbs on consecutive days? So baby could either be about 7lbs or 11lbs? I think you need to get that checked and confirmed - that's a massive difference.

MagpieMama Fri 06-Jun-14 21:47:43

The nipple blanching afterwards is called vasospasms. Keeping your nipples warm after a feed can help. Don't let them air dry, I used to put heat pads in my bra after feeds. Paracetamol or ibuprofen were very helpful for me for the pain.

There's also a medication that can be prescribed (I can't remember the name but google nipple vasospasms and you should be able to find more info).

The vasospasms are either caused by latch problems (in my case TT and a baby who has a shallow latch even after division) so trying to achieve a deeper latch (try the 'flipple' technique) can help. It can also be caused by raynauds, which is where blood vessels constrict in the cold and cut off blood supply causing pain which is where medication can help. Do you experience it in your hands and feet as well?

I found that I needed to use pain killers for quite a while but my body seems to have almost switched off from the pain now, I still get the blanching but rarely any pain at almost 8 months of breastfeeding (pain free for about 4 months now).

MagpieMama Fri 06-Jun-14 21:49:02

I found this article very helpful

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