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Yellow seedy poo in 6 month old....

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hedgetrimmer Fri 06-Jun-14 09:20:04

Hi,my daughter, who is 6 months in a few days and my 5th baby,has been breastfed,until about 5 days when i decided to switch to formula.

I really regretted switching,was still feeding her a few times a day anyway and missed the lovely cuddles so much,so changed my mind and decided yesterday to just forget about the bottles.

She wasnt too keen on the bottles,she would only take abut 3oz-4oz tops,and tended to just comfort suck on them most of the time.

This morning her poo was like a newborns again,very yellow with little seedy bits in,what does this mean?Does it mean shes not getting enough?Should i still be giving her some formula while we get used to bf again after a break?

My supply still seems to be there and even though she is feeding a lot she seems content.Am i worrying about nothing?SHes 6 months on the 15th,not started solids yet,she cant sit up yet and i want to do blw so will wait a couple of weeks yet.

hedgetrimmer Fri 06-Jun-14 09:35:45


ShineSmile Fri 06-Jun-14 09:50:18

Is she unsettled? I would give it a week. Her tummy might just be adjusting to the new milk.

You've done v well for feeding this long, don't beat yourself up for stopping. You are lucky she has taken to the bottle, many don't.

NotQuiteCockney Fri 06-Jun-14 09:57:52

She sounds like she's doing fine. If she was hungry, she would feed more. Lots of feeding is a normal thing for her to do. I wouldn't worry about the poo, at all.

TortoiseUpATreeAgain Fri 06-Jun-14 10:24:33

Yes, I think you're worrying about nothing and it's just her readjusting.

hedgetrimmer Fri 06-Jun-14 10:38:59


I think its because her poo looked so different on formula,and i forgot hat it looks like when bf,i know newbors have that yellow seedy poo, but couldnt remember if she had had that a lot since then,was worried that maybe it meant she wasnt getting enough or something.

NutellaLawson Fri 06-Jun-14 10:45:12

She is getting enough of she is pooing and the yellow seedy bits mean she is getting the fatty hindmilk.

It all sounds normal for bm poo.
If it turns green then that is also normal but just means too much sugary foremilk so you would need to keep her on one breast for longer.

hedgetrimmer Fri 06-Jun-14 11:14:22

thanks nutella thats really helpful,didnt know that smile

Macocious Fri 06-Jun-14 14:38:46

My ebf Ds poos were yellow and seedy up until well past 6 months when he started eating solids

tiktok Fri 06-Jun-14 14:40:49

All sounds normal and fine smile

Nutella, 'too much sugary foremilk' is only one reason for green poo, and it's one that really doesn't matter anyway smile

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